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Oneness Is Everything facilitates happiness through energy, readings, mediation and coaching. Through difference modalities Rann can see ways energy is being directed and where hidden strengths are so that changes can be made; facilitate immediate stress relief, energy boosts, and ease with letting go of patterns and traumas; supply tools for long term stress relief; and facilitate empowerment and independent success. Embrace all of you, for Oneness is Everything.

Intimate Conversations with Money v9.4.8.16

Oneness Is Everything Blog



Intimate Conversations with Money v9.4.8.16

Rann Goldrich


Me:  Money, I've changed again.
Money:  I make change all the time.
Me:  ... Interesting...
Money:  Yeesss.. *chuckles
Me: ...
Money:  Were you thinking that changing makes you more or less?
Me:  I guess so.
Money:  When that occurs, someone becomes short changed.
Me:  Then you are always a constant, no matter what the denomination?
Money:  Yes.  It's the same for you, you know.  Material is mere form.
Me:  Space and matter are not the same things.
Money:  Neither are space nor energy.
Me:  Yet we are both forms of materialized energy.
Money:  At times, yes.  And at other times, no.
Me:  This places an entirely new and impressive value on picking up dropped change.
Money:  Or even dropping your change in the first place.
Me:  ... Dropped... Change...
Money:  Yea, Rann.  How much change have you dropped and left behind?
Me:  Despite the greatest effort, some has been lost.
Money:  Or dismissed away?
Me:  I dismiss it when I am overwhelmed.
Money:  By overwhelmed, you refer to when you aren't greater than the flow.
Me:  Yea, when I'm actually at the effect of the flow.
Money:  Keep up, Woman!  I don't like being left behind!
Me:  I don't like leaving you behind anymore.  So what is this?  Old habits?
Money:  No, it's the stuff that you are ignoring.  It's the things that you have minimized in order to keep moving forward.
Me:  But that's like going to work without your pants on because if you took the time to fully dress, you'd be late.
Money:  Pretty stupid, isn't it?
Me: YES!
Money:  Haha!  Change with the times.  Evolve and increase beyond previous definitions.
Me:  You're speaking of formlessness.  You've already done this.
Money:  I've always done this.


The Immortal Rann Goldrich is a facilitator of happiness with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive, professional reader, conscious channel, meditation coach, teacher, and facilitator of private and group sessions. 
Rann is a Master Palmist, specialized in astrological, elemental and esoteric information systems and has expertise in deciphering information from past lives, futures, destinies, energies, and many other topics for all ages - birth through death.  She also offers various session types for cleansing spaces and fields, reducing stress, activating brainwaves, and programing energy for desirable outcomes.