Intimate Conversations with Money v9.4.8.16


Me:  Money, I've changed again.
Money:  I make change all the time.
Me:  ... Interesting...
Money:  Yeesss.. *chuckles
Me: ...
Money:  Were you thinking that changing makes you more or less?
Me:  I guess so.
Money:  When that occurs, someone becomes short changed.
Me:  Then you are always a constant, no matter what the denomination?
Money:  Yes.  It's the same for you, you know.  Material is mere form.
Me:  Space and matter are not the same things.
Money:  Neither are space nor energy.
Me:  Yet we are both forms of materialized energy.
Money:  At times, yes.  And at other times, no.
Me:  This places an entirely new and impressive value on picking up dropped change.
Money:  Or even dropping your change in the first place.
Me:  ... Dropped... Change...
Money:  Yea, Rann.  How much change have you dropped and left behind?
Me:  Despite the greatest effort, some has been lost.
Money:  Or dismissed away?
Me:  I dismiss it when I am overwhelmed.
Money:  By overwhelmed, you refer to when you aren't greater than the flow.
Me:  Yea, when I'm actually at the effect of the flow.
Money:  Keep up, Woman!  I don't like being left behind!
Me:  I don't like leaving you behind anymore.  So what is this?  Old habits?
Money:  No, it's the stuff that you are ignoring.  It's the things that you have minimized in order to keep moving forward.
Me:  But that's like going to work without your pants on because if you took the time to fully dress, you'd be late.
Money:  Pretty stupid, isn't it?
Me: YES!
Money:  Haha!  Change with the times.  Evolve and increase beyond previous definitions.
Me:  You're speaking of formlessness.  You've already done this.
Money:  I've always done this.


The Immortal Rann Goldrich is a facilitator of happiness with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive, professional reader, conscious channel, meditation coach, teacher, and facilitator of private and group sessions. 
Rann is a Master Palmist, specialized in astrological, elemental and esoteric information systems and has expertise in deciphering information from past lives, futures, destinies, energies, and many other topics for all ages - birth through death.  She also offers various session types for cleansing spaces and fields, reducing stress, activating brainwaves, and programing energy for desirable outcomes.