Intimate Conversation with Money. v.

 Not long ago, I proposed the idea of having an intimate, vulnerable relationship with Money.  Not long after I began to look at that idea with more detail.  If I were in this kind of relationship with Money what would our conversation be?  


Intimate Conversation with Money. v.

Me:  Money, I don’t feel like you’ve been very supportive of me.  I jump through hoops in order to bring you into my life, and then you go to someone else so quickly.

Money:  I want to keep on moving.  You need to hold on to me too much.

Me:  Well, I would like to have more of you.

Money:  You want me to be yours.  I cannot be owned.  I need to be free.

Me:  I have never known you to be free.  You always have a cost.

Money:  Nice attitude.  

Me:  Well, what is the way of having you without holding onto you?

Money:  Do you have friends?  Do you have to hold on to them?

Me:  No, but my friends don’t require the effort that you do.

Money:  Are you sure about that?

Me: ...

Money:  Why can’t I be your friend, and be as I am?  Why do I have to meet your conditions?

Me:  You don’t.  ...  What do you mean?  What are the ways you be that I am not allowing?

Money:  Well, you always have me to pay bills, but when it comes to fun, you never have me for that.

Me:  But what will I do to pay my bills if I use you for fun?

Money:  You’re such a task master!  I would like to have fun with you.  Can we not always have business?

Me:  Isn’t that irresponsible of you to say?

Money:  You say that I don’t support you, yet you only use me to pay bills.  That is a form of support,  but what if I am capable of supporting you in other ways?  Don’t you think it is generative for you to have fun?

Me: Yes.

Money:  Why wouldn’t it be generative for me to have fun?

Me:  What?

Money:  Face it.  You don’t like my having fun.

Me:  ...  You’re right.

Money:  What kind of friend keeps another friend from having fun?

Me:  I see your point.  How do I allow you to have fun and sustain my living as well?

Money:  *sigh*  Are you really living when there’s no fun?

Me:  Well, I’m sustaining.

Money:  Sustaining what, exactly?

Me:  Shelter, food,

Money:  What has that created for you so far?

Me:  Well lately it has - 

Money:  Yes?

Me:  A daily grind of working to get paid in order to pay.

Money:  wow.. exhilarating!

Me:  Your sarcasm is not lost.

Money:  Good!  Let’s go play!

Me:  Okay, where can we play that will be fun and supportive?

Money:  Now you’re sounding like a friend of mine!

Me:  Money, will you show me ways that we can be together more often?

Money:  Sure.  Gratitude would be a good place to begin.

Me:  Thank you, Money.  :)


The Immortal Rann Goldrich is a facilitator of happiness with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive, professional reader, conscious channel, meditation coach, teacher, and facilitator of private and group sessions. 
Rann is a Master Palmist, specialized in astrological, elemental and esoteric information systems and has expertise in deciphering information from past lives, futures, destinies, energies, and many other topics for all ages - birth through death.  She also offers various session types for cleansing spaces and fields, reducing stress, activating brainwaves, and programing energy for desirable outcomes.