Intimate Conversation with Money v.

Money:  What’s with you?
Me:  I’m frustrated
Money: Yes?  Why are you frustrated?
Me:  I keep putting myself out there...Apparently to people who intend to consume me until my extinction.
Money:  Ha!  Are you looking for sympathy... from ME?
Me: *Chuckles*  No...But iknow you understand.
Money:  True.
Me:  I know you don’t place stock in the opinions of others...  But how did you come to terms with the majority’s short sightedness?  
Money:  You don’t sound like an immortal right now.
Me: Money, even immortals become frustrated.
Money:  ...Yea...
Me:  I mean - a tree can support many things and still thrive happily.  
Money:  And fools will cut the whole tree down.
Me:  ...Yea...I’m pretty over being someone else’s consumable.
Money:  *Laughter*  What - EVER!
Me: What?
Me:  Riiight.
Money: Dammit, Rann!  Be Consumed.
Me: ...
Money:  You’re not the one with the limits.
Me:  Ah...
Money:  The desire to consume you is like the desire to drink water to a rabid dog.
Me:  Nice...    Nice, Money.
Money:  Really though. Water is life force.  And to those who choose death, it is an unattainable luxury...  Well, maybe just a taste is allowed.
Me:  What does being consumed have to do with it, then?
Money:  You’re a source.  Your energy may be gathered, utilized, or otherwise contained.  But those who are consumers - although seeking an end - don’t seek to be satiated.   
Me:...  What’s with that grin, Money?
Money:  Those who are consumers will perpetuate your flow in multitudes.
Me:  *Gasps* Money!
Money:  *Smiles* I know.


The Immortal Rann Goldrich is a facilitator of happiness with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive, professional reader, conscious channel, meditation coach, teacher, and facilitator of private and group sessions. 
Rann is a Master Palmist, specialized in astrological, elemental and esoteric information systems and has expertise in deciphering information from past lives, futures, destinies, energies, and many other topics for all ages - birth through death.  She also offers various session types for cleansing spaces and fields, reducing stress, activating brainwaves, and programing energy for desirable outcomes.