Chakra Activation 5 - mp3

Chakra Activation 5 - mp3


     Chakra Activations at Oneness Is Everything are coded for what you and your bodies are encountering now.   

It is easy to get caught up in awakening, exploring, remembering, and enjoying the many fun light worker tools and modalities that are available. In some ways, chakra activations seem to be old school stepping stones to the super highway of big energy work. With this mindset, they can easily be forgotten or neglected. It is important to remember and include the basics of any system. Chakras are an widely accepted, ancient and modern energy system of the body, mind, and spirit. With such an unaltered history, it is best the they are well attended.

     Chakra Activations at OIE are geared towards setting up congruous relationships with all emanations of your selves throughout existence. This means that any parallel or dimensional lifetimes with which you coexist are included in each activation.  This will include any number of lifetimes which are affected by certain work or change which you are instituting now.  In this way, these activations can clear lifetimes of residue and unify your energetic centers (such as chakras) for increased capacity and allowance.

    During each Chakra Activation at OIE, a chakra will 

  • Connect with all of your available selves.  

  • Receive cleansing by a variety of methods.

  • Calibrate to your current changes. 

  • Prepare for future changes.

  • Tune with light through methods of sound (such as chromesthesia).

  • Harmonize through tones by 3’s 

  • Reference continuum connections for additional enrichment.

  • Correct and align according to new shifts.

  • Open to increased flows throughout all pathways.

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More about Chakra Activations at Oneness Is Everything

    Chakra sessions and activations are plentiful.   Chakra Activations at OIE are coded by Rann Goldrich, and their numbers have nothing to do with changing classically assigned chakras of the human body.  There are 14 in all, numbered 0-13. 
In a group session for 14 people, the same Chakra # activation will work on 14 individual chakras. Every chakra being activated may be different for each respective person’s body.  

     This Chakra “reassignment” is possible because your body is unique.*  Every body you have ever occupied is also unique, so chakra systems for the human body may not apply effectively for one or all of your other non-human bodies.  In order for this activation to facilitate properly, the coding allows for each chakra to be referenced as it is for your bodies according to your individual energetic identity.  During the activation (or shortly after) you will notice the location in your body which the particular activation is working.  If you cannot sense a physical location, then the activation is likely off body above or below.
     *In truth, your chakras are not being reassigned.  They are still located in the same places, and are functioning as they are able.  A Chakra activation itself increases the full functionality of its respective chakra. 

     For these activations, a Chakra # may be your heart, which in a 7 chakra system (each assigned a color of the rainbow), is labeled the #4 (the green one).  For someone else, the same Chakra # may be above their crown.  Assigning 0-13 includes the Egyptian chakra system of 13 unique energy stations (related to glands) with the addition of a unifying activation.  (Again, the unifier may be any one of these Chakra Activations depending on the individual receiving the activation.)

     Why is this awesome?  Your body doesn’t have to fit into a predetermined system of what it is supposed to be or do.  Bodies love to receive, and with your head out of the way, you the being are more open.  Do an internet search on “chakras and their meanings”, and you may quickly begin to understand all that has been expected of bodies ever since these classification systems were put in place.  If you embodied into this reality from a different system, there may be some resistances in place.  Throw some additional personal choices to initiate change for the better, and your body can begin to work against you- even when its endeavoring on your behalf.  With Chakra Activations at OIE, all that is needed from you is the willingness for the activation to take place.  The coding takes care of the rest.  

**These activations can seriously affect motor skills, so it is good to set aside time on a day off or during your down time when you can easily sleep.  The activations themselves are relatively short; however, the integration of the activation on your physical plane can take up to 8 hours or more.

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