Energetic Clearing for Business & Residential

Energetic Clearing for Business & Residential

from 180.00

Professional Clearing, Encoding & Maintenance

Cleaning Services for Space between the surfaces

This service is available for those who wish to clear energies that are no longer serving their homes and businesses.  If you have 

  • moved to a new location 
  • recently remodeled
  • changed tenants
  • changed ownership
  • changed management
  • changed business operations
  • experienced negative impacts due to clientele or staff

and would like to maintain your environments generative and prosperous conditions, this is what you've been looking for.  Not only is your space cleared of undesired energies, but the new space is tailored to create an environment that suits your needs. 

Location visit and discussion of aspects requiring attention is available.  Full quote of provided services is available.  

All Clearing and Maintenance services have

  • a base fee of $360 for each 1000 sq.ft., or portion thereof (includes store front) for first visit.
  • A follow up base fee of $360 up to 1000 sq. ft. (includes store front) for each visit.
  • $180 per each additional 1000 sq.ft. (or portion thereof) on follow up visits.
  • additional fees per space and type of service may be required.
  • Individual arrangements may be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation.

*customer is responsible for $360 day fee plus all traveling expenses outside of Denver, CO.


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