Quantum Spin Wave Session for Groups - with Rann Goldrich

Quantum Spin Wave Session for Groups - with Rann Goldrich

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Your Group Chooses The Intention of This Session.

  • Are you aware of something playing out amongst your friends, coworkers, family members, or partners?

  • Are you aware that something is affecting your personal relationship between yourself and another?

These Group Sessions are excellent for clearing lifetimes of conflict and contrary relationships in a very small amount of time. By taking advantage of a group dynamic, greater numbers of entanglements can be cleared than by addressing the same topic individually. The group format allows larger amounts of information to be consciously present during each session, thus creating more comprehensive sessions for all attendees.

Clear out the old and create space for the new.

The Spin Wave Modality neutralizes charges on People, Places, Things, and Events that keep you locked in patterns that don't serve your current and future interests.  

Quantum Spin Wave Sessions neutralize charges that keep you polarized into locked behaviors, physical restrictions, and repetitious experiences that no longer serve your current and future interests.  These sessions also pack a punch.  One 30-minute Quantum Spin Wave Session carries more processing power than numerous 60-minute energy sessions. 


Typical Spin Wave Sessions:

  • Focus on prevalent elements that commonly hold great amounts of locked energies throughout your being and body.

  • Clear entangled threads which reoccur throughout the entirety of your timeline.

  • Access brain systems and induces brainwave states for the eradication of associative and dissociative memories.

  • Set a stage for Immortal Face & Body lifts to operate at elevated levels.

Quantum Spin Wave Sessions do everything that regular Spin Wave Sessions do, but due to their quantum nature they can address more in less time.

  • Clear greatest impacting energies surrounding all events, persons, things, and environments related to the subject of you session in quantum space.

  • Neutralize both positive and negative charges which cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations associated with the subject of you session throughout all timelines.

  • Locate and nullify keystone events throughout all timelines which contribute to large scale patterns related to the subject of your session.


Those who have received Spin Wave sessions have experienced:

•    Greater ease and neutrality
•    Relationship changes
•    Physical changes including physical appearance
•    Behavioral changes
•    Greater awareness
•    Less Stress and Anxiety
•    Increased Perspective
•    Greater Clarity

How Does this Group Session Work?

  • Each Group Session is scheduled with Rann and includes a global access conference line for all participants.

  • Participants can join from multiple locations.

  • Participants can join over the phone, web, or listen to webcast.

  • Participants do not have to be present at the time of the session in order to receive.

  • All participants receive an mp3 recording of session.

One Quantum Spin Wave Session is approximately 30 minutes. For Groups, please plan for 45 minutes.
**All participants must be conscious and willing participants of group Quantum Spin Wave Sessions.
**Parents/guardians may include minors, but minors are not free. Include minor’s name in the list of participants along with minor’s age.
**All participants do not need to be present at the same time in order for group sessions to be effective.
** Participants who do not attend the live group session are not entitled to private make-up sessions.

**If processing time is a concern, it is advised to schedule your Group Quantum Spin Wave Session on a Thursday or Friday.

For more information on the Spin Wave Modality Click Here.


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Quantum Spin Wave FAQs

"Before my Spin Wave Session, I could not speak about a trauma that had occurred over 50 years ago. It was debilitating, and keeping me stuck in many ways.
After my Spin Wave Session, I am experiencing peace for the first time in a long time. You have no idea what it’s like - to not have peace for years and years. I actually have that funny happy feeling in my stomach!
I was skeptical to begin with; not now, however. I like the way Rann did the session. I could feel what she was doing. I had no idea what was going on, but she gave me facts to understand what I was experiencing. Throughout the whole session, the trauma just kept getting further and further away. It just eased out of site. Towards the end I was actually trying to bring it back to mind, and I couldn’t do it.
Now it wouldn’t bother me to talk about it near as much as it would have before. You could say I’m more comfortable with it. I don’t think I have to hide it anymore.
Rann, I don’t know what you did, but what you did was better than what I was told to do by my psychologist in order to keep everything hidden. The biggest part is that I can talk about my past trauma without having a break down.
If someone has a problem anywhere near what I had, they should try the Spin Wave. I have gone through therapy for 18 years, but now I have peace after a one hour Spin Wave Session."Malcolm Fishback Denver, CO

**Quantum Spin Wave sessions can result in short term physical, mental and emotional processing.  Please allow yourself time, space and nutritional support for one week following each Quantum Spin Wave Session.  Do not drive, operate heavy machinery or cook while listening to mp3 replays of your Quantum Spin Wave Session.