Request a Personalized Quantum Spin Wave Session mp3

Request a Personalized Quantum Spin Wave Session mp3


This Listing is for a Single Topic Quantum Spin Wave.

This Quantum Spin Wave is generated and recorded specifically to your request and delivered by mp3 within 7-10 days. Rann’s instructions and notes will be provided when your file is delivered.

Clear out the old and create space for the new.

The Spin Wave Modality neutralizes charges on People, Places, Things, and Events that keep you locked in patterns that don't serve your current and future interests.  

Quantum Spin Wave Sessions neutralize charges that keep you polarized into locked behaviors, physical restrictions, and repetitious experiences that no longer serve your current and future interests.  These sessions also pack a punch.  One 30-minute Quantum Spin Wave Session carries more processing power than numerous 60-minute energy sessions. 


Typical Spin Wave Sessions:

  • Focus on prevalent elements that commonly hold great amounts of locked energies throughout your being and body.

  • Clear entangled threads which reoccur throughout the entirety of your timeline.

  • Access brain systems and induces brainwave states for the eradication of associative and dissociative memories.

  • Set a stage for Immortal Face & Body lifts to operate at elevated levels.

Quantum Spin Wave Sessions do everything that regular Spin Wave Sessions do, but due to their quantum nature they can address more in less time.

  • Clear greatest impacting energies surrounding all events, persons, things, and environments related to the subject of you session in quantum space.

  • Neutralize both positive and negative charges which cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations associated with the subject of you session throughout all timelines.

  • Locate and nullify keystone events throughout all timelines which contribute to large scale patterns related to the subject of your session.

Those who have received Spin Wave sessions have experienced:

•    Greater ease and neutrality
•    Relationship changes
•    Physical changes including physical appearance
•    Behavioral changes
•    Greater awareness
•    Less Stress and Anxiety
•    Increased Perspective
•    Greater Clarity

One Quantum Spin Wave Session is approximately 30 minutes.

For more information on the Spin Wave Modality Click Here.

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Watch this video to understand more about the ways Quantum Spin Waves work.