Spiritual Clearings - Person

Spiritual Clearings - Person

from 360.00

Spiritual Clearings are utilized for In-Depth Spiritual Cleansing where interference, negative influence, or detrimental conditions remain present despite other efforts.

A team of 3 specialists will collaborate and remotely clear and/or remove unwanted spiritual discord from a single person or body.  This session addresses energies which are present and accessible during the session.  

This session will take place remotely at a time appropriate for all collaborators.  This session includes a recorded account of the work completed.   The record will be delivered upon request.

**It is advised to schedule a follow up session in order to: 

  • Address personal shifts which have occurred

  • Dissolution of any remnant energies.

    *Follow up sessions are for material related to the initial Spiritual Clearing and are not the same as discounted Spiritual Clearing Sessions.
    *These sessions are not available for discount. On the occasion of successful coupon redemption, the reduced session fee will be refunded so that full payment can be made.

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Why at team of 3?

For those who are in need of a Spiritual Clearing of this nature, it is best to ensure that the work is as complete as possible.  An experienced team is able to utilize individual skills in order to support each other as well as check for integrity throughout the session work.  This approach plays to everyone's strengths and mitigates ineffective work due to unforeseen circumstances.

Common considerations during Spiritual Clearing sessions:

  • Quantum Space

  • Planes, Spheres, Heirarchies

  • Ancestral influences

  • Personal creations

  • External creations

  • Causes, effects, and impacts

  • Influence

  • Interference

  • Detox levels

  • and more