Monthly Mindfulness Meditations
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Monthly Mindfulness Meditations

This is a virtual group meditation where everyone is welcome to join and enjoy.  There have been many world meditations set for certain dates with certain intents, and there will be many to come.  Oneness Is Everything virtual group meditations will be something new.

When 10 are gathered with an intent on meditating to change the world, 10 different points of view on why the world needs to be changed create a circle.  Does the world want to be changed?  Can it be changed? Is it already changing - just not fast enough? Is it a creation taking form?  Who determines which change is better?  

What if there are 100 gathered?  1000? 10000?

Oneness Is Everything's Monthly Mindfulness Meditations will utilize group format and intent, but the intent will be to disassemble the judgements, thought forms, ideas, ideals, constructs, and illusions that create and support solid points of views and material forms. 

In this format, every individual can contribute at its level, develop personally, and influence our world by changing ourselves.  In this format, everyone is welcomed to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Join by phone (530) 881-1212   Meeting ID 483-862-079

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