Coded Activator The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift x10

Coded Activator The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift x10


This Activator is coded and formatted by the Immortal Rann into an geometric image. 


This is a digital download of a pdf that is coded to activate the Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift. It can be printed and carried in your pocket or purse for activation for on-the-go Success in any endeavor of your choice. I can also be placed on any intended location on the body.   It is common to use coded remote activators for specific purposes or to amplify previously recorded mp3 sessions. Remote coded activators are delivered in digital format.

The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift
is the next evolution of the Youthening Face & Body Lift.  This face & body lift liberates energies that have been locked into polarity, and then uses released polar charges to generate a fantastic perpetual energy flow from the inside out.   It deliberately focuses on clearing the urges and behaviors associated with addiction, holding on, and resisting change; and induces a natural release of energies, hormones and chemicals that are ultimately reduced or shut down by harmful foods and substance abuse.     

    The Pleasure Button Face & Body Lift has been specifically coded by Rann for:

  • calibration and release of happiness chemicals and hormones

  • removing obstructions and sabotage systems

  • weight loss and weight gain support

  • calibration and neutralization of drug and/or stress induced chemicals and hormones

  • clearing addictive behaviors and patterns including dependency and co dependency

  • neutralizing large scale charges and patterns

  • Increasing production of abundant and prosperous energy flows.

    Post session experiences may include:

    •    heightened energy
    •    physical and energetic balance
    •    clearer vision
    •    feeling less stressed
    •    less facial tension
    •    greater personal presence

**This listing is for a single activator coded for ten activations

What is different about these activations and mp3s or private sessions?

These activations are the exact same as if Rann were activating for you personally. The energies of these activations are much more subtle than personal sessions so you can use them on-the-go! *Please wait 30 minutes before driving after initiating these activations. 

 For a list of all Immortal Face Lift Activations CLICK HERE.

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Coded Activator FAQs

What is this Coded Activator?

Each coded activator carries the equivalent energy of at least one Immortal Face Lift session. Your coded activator will come with a certain number of activations. You can use all of the activations at once, or you can spread them out over time.

What do I do with this image?

You can activate this coded image in order to release the energy within in order to supplement other Immortal Face Lift mp3s, other energy sessions, or initiate beneficial energies for your own course of action.
The Code itself carries the seed of the activation, and you may sense energy from the image alone. You can print it out to any size, and you can place it anywhere you wish. Use it as a placemat, charge your water or drink, place it on an area of your body during other energy sessions or body work, sleep on it, or print and color it.

How do I initiate the activation?

To initiate the activation, it is best to soften your gaze at the image and “see” it through your third eye. You don’t have to be an expert in order to do this; your body will do this on its own with your intention.
Once you are “seeing” your image, state the activation command and snap your fingers.

Where do I put the coded image during activation?

You can place the coded image anywhere on your body, under your pillow, on the ceiling, under your water, under your food, on your computer, in your kitchen, in your bag or purse, beneath your creations - anywhere that you wish to focus the activated energy or seed energy of the coded image.

What if I did it incorrectly? Did I waste my activation?

You can’t activate your coded activator incorrectly. If you are worried about it, then go through the activation process again, this won’t harm anything.

What if I don’t feel it?

Coded Activators are designed for on-the-go energy activations which compliment live or recorded Immortal Face Lift sessions or other energy sessions. In this way, they are not meant to be perceived in an outstanding manner.

If you wish to feel it more, take time to focus on the energies, or pair it with an mp3 of an Immortal Face Lift session.

What if I have it up in my house, and other people are around it?

The image is, by its nature, visually stimulating, and others may be sensitive to the energies of it. Your coded activator is encoded to activate only for its procurer or intended recipient.

Can I drive after I have used my coded activator?

Although it is not advised to activate it while driving, it is okay to drive and go about your daily business after activating your coded image. It is typically best to activate your coded image about 15-20 minutes before needing to drive or focus your attentions elsewhere.

How long does my activation last?

Each activation carries the deliverable energy of a 1 hour Immortal Face Lift energy session with Rann. That said, Immortal Face Lifts are coded to operate in quantum space. There is no predetermined amount of time for the long-term effectiveness of your activation.  

When do I have to purchase another coded activator?

You may print out multiple versions of your activator in the case of loss or damage.  Your activator will only allow for one proper activation of the Immortal Face Lift which it is coded for.  In order to receive additional activations, you will need to purchase multiple activators.  If you wish for a friend or loved one to receive an activation they will need to purchase one as well.  Coded activators work for one person at a time, not groups or multiples. 

What is the difference between the energy of a coded activator and a private Immortal Face Lift Activation?

Perceivable energy is the only difference.  Coded activators are designed to deliver Immortal Face Lifts in a benign manner so one can move about freely and not take time out of their day.  (It is advised to wait 15 minutes after initiating a coded activator before driving.) 
The energy of a private facilitation can be very intense and sometimes recipients fall asleep during the session. It is advised to wait 15-30 minutes after a receiving a private Immortal Face Lift Activation before driving.