Special Mortal Regenesis Face & Body Lift for changing linear sequences of mortality - mp3

Special Mortal Regenesis Face & Body Lift for changing linear sequences of mortality - mp3


The Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift for Puberty, Menopause and Andropause with additional coding for changing linear sequences of mortality.

In addition to Original Mortal Re Genesis Immortal Face Lift energies, this session addresses

  • Increased sexual responsiveness

  • Specific molecular timing

  • Predetermined cellular proliferation rates

The Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift is the invitation to change the linear physical evidence of dying into the sequence of regeneration and living.  The conclusion of mortality and death ultimately manifests in disease and decay, which becomes physically evident over time.  This face & body lift calibrates sequencing, and reminds the body of its many capabilities before certain death was imposed upon it.  This face & body lift is for anyone seeking to reinvigorate his/her body from the inside out.

This is an Energetic Face & Body Lift Session that has been specifically coded by Rann for:

  • enlivening skin with light and color

  • regenerating skin and muscular and skeletal structure with elasticity and flexibility

  • promoting efficiencies for hydration and elimination of toxins

  • programmed quantum rapport of bodies for non sequenced immortal functions

  • metabolization of UV radiation

  • recalibration of programmed cellular activities

Post session experiences may include:

  • relaxation

  • skin sensitivity / tingling in activation points

  • muscular aching and tiredness

  • noticeable changes in skin of body and/or face

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of self and others

  • greater acceptance of personal appearance

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where you can join beings from all over the globe in monthly group sessions facilitated by The Immortal Rann.  

Rann's toolbox will be open, and each Energy Room session will be unique to the energies of the moment. Participants will be able to ask questions and request the facilitation of particular energies before each session.*  

The Energy Room is open on the first Sunday of each month from 10:30 am - 11:30 am MST, and is followed by a 30 minute Energy Lounge, where all participants are welcome to relax and expand in newly revealed energies.

*Call in ID will change monthly and participants will be informed via email (and text where available)

*Specific questions may or may not be addressed due to certain time and topic restraints.



Enjoy uninterrupted access to the moment during your Immortal Evolution for a Year! 

  • 12 Energy Room Group Sessions
    Each Energy Room Includes: 
    • 60 minutes of facilitation 
    • 30 minutes of Energy Lounge
    • mp3 recording
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