Immortal Face Lifts Infrared

Welcome to the Immortal Infrared Light Mask Activation Rooms.  Current Immortal Light Mask activations are available through weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions.  Offered sessions are replaced with new activations each month, and usage is unlimited within your subscription range.  You may change your subscription at any time based upon your needs. 
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Red Light Mask for Face & Body

Red Light Mask1

*Increasing collagen production
*Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
*Reducing light facial blemishes
*Shrinking pores
*Reducing the appearance of pigmentation
*Lightening the appearance of stretch marks


Red Light Mask for HAIR

Red Light Hair Mask

*Increasing blood flow in the scalp
*Stimulating hair follicle metabolisms
*Reducing hair loss
*Increasing hair production over time


BLUE Light Mask for Face & Body

Infrared Blue Light Mask WEB.png

*Mitigating acne causing bacteria
*Reducing inflamed skin
*Reducing visible acne



indigo Violet Light Mask

*Reducing inflammation
*Shrinking swollen tissues
*Reducing stiffness and pain
*Soothing and Calming for muscle relaxation