Transformations of Sensing in the Aquarian Age - mp3

Transformations of Sensing in the Aquarian Age - mp3


During this 1 hour group class Rann covers the changes of mass consciousness throughout astrological ages. In addition to the allowance of these greater influences, you will be immersed into your future timelines while Rann integrates your current body and self with your potential abilities. Topics covered will be:

  • External bodies and projections of brightness

  • Field awareness

  • Directional currents

  • Reptilian brain and allowable brainwaves

  • Deflections, choices, and allowances

  • Personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal relationships

We are living during a unique shift between ages. There are several behaviors of humanity which have been learned and applied over the last couple of millennia - this includes psychic, empathic, intuitive, healing and other unique skill sets. 

Stepping into a different age can be fun and exciting. It requires us to release old skill sets while new tools reveal themselves. Bodies open up to new abilities and evolve. Planetary consciousness evolves. You are able to easily connect with galactic access points and evolve. 
Join Rann and others for this enjoyable and informative class which touches on all of these features which contribute to the transformation of your senses.

Download will be made available upon purchase.  

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Is it time for your energy bath?

energy baths
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Bath House Private Sessions & Energy Bath Add Ons
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where you can join beings from all over the globe in monthly group sessions facilitated by The Immortal Rann.  

Rann's toolbox will be open, and each Energy Room session will be unique to the energies of the moment. Participants will be able to ask questions and request the facilitation of particular energies before each session.*  

The Energy Room is open on the first Sunday of each month from 10:30 am - 11:30 am MST, and is followed by a 30 minute Energy Lounge, where all participants are welcome to relax and expand in newly revealed energies.

*Call in ID will change monthly and participants will be informed via email (and text where available)

*Specific questions may or may not be addressed due to certain time and topic restraints.



Enjoy uninterrupted access to the moment during your Immortal Evolution for a Year! 

  • 12 Energy Room Group Sessions
    Each Energy Room Includes: 
    • 60 minutes of facilitation 
    • 30 minutes of Energy Lounge
    • mp3 recording
  • 12 Energy tools
    (1 delivered each month)
  • 12 Energy Lounge Digest Monthly Email Newsletters
    Tools and Techniques for Enjoying Energies of the Moment
  • 50% off Previous Energy Room Session recordings