Remote Session for the Delivery of Nurturing Energies mp3

Remote Session for the Delivery of Nurturing Energies mp3


During this silent, remote energy session The Immortal Rann channels and delivers high frequency nurturing energies that are appropriate and applicable at group and individual levels for one hour.  

What has been holding you back from receiving more abundance, allowance, and more of yourself?  Discover the ways that nurturing is so simple, yet so vastly effective in regards to receiving and allowance.  

*Please refrain from listening while driving.

*Can cause occasional sleepiness.

This session may be played in conjunction with other energy work or body sessions.  It is an excellent mp3 for those who need to make time to take time for themselves.    

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Oneness Is Everything remote sessions are effective for those who wish to focus intentionally on receiving as well as those who wish to practice awareness of receiving during everyday moments.  Silent sessions:

    •    increase the availability of change and receiving
    •    deliver energy in its purest states
    •    reduce restrictions caused by limited awareness of the facilitator or the receiver
    •    are available for individual and household use - including plants and animals

**These sessions are available via mp3 and can be utilized at any time, at any volume, and may be looped for continuous play.  It is advised to rest for 48 hours after 24 hours of continuous play.

**When playing for households these sessions cannot be manipulated by intentions contrary to the energy of the session itself. It is best to allow each household entity and individual to receive as it will without force or expectation.  Not everyone chooses to receive; that is also Oneness.