Charted Hands

Charted Hands

from 90.00

Rann will formally Chart your Hand!

Fingers, Lines, Mounts, Marks, and Movement of Energies Included.  

This is a wonderful keepsake for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Since your lines change, it is also a fun tool to review your energetic and spiritual progressions.

Charts will not be provided until payment is clear.


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“Rann’s readings are thorough, very explanatory, and always on the dot!  I have had two written report readings from her and both readings blew me away at how spot on they were.  She makes herself available if you want to further discuss your realigning one on one, and is very willing to reiterate any part of the reading so you can understand it more clearly.  I will continue to get readings from Rann and I recommend her to anyone!”

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Rann Goldrich is a master palmist and high functioning intuitive.  


Rann utilizes astrologically, elementally and esoterically based information systems along with various energetic modalities in order to give you greater insight and detail to your queries. You can expect her to provide insights pertaining to energies of the moment while revealing the possibilities of futures.  If change is desired, Rann will perceive the ways to utilize the energies available in order to create greater ease in generating shifts.

Rann can analyze hands through a variety of formats: photographs, text images, descriptions (in person or over the phone), and personal query - up close or at a distance.  Rann currently provides palmistry readings via reports and charts.


If there is something showing up in your life that you would like to change, Rann will see the behaviors causing it and facilitate through changing it for the better.  

Rann will provide guidance while empowering you with tools for one’s own awareness and change.

Rann Goldrich is a Master Palmist with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive and reader.  All Palmistry readings and services offered at Oneness Is Everything are provided by Rann.