Spiritual Medium - Jani Cooke

Spiritual Medium - Jani Cooke

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Jani Cooke practices through spiritual mediumship, angel therapy, conscious channel, and pure psychic ability to provide guidance and greater clarity.

Jani will provide a phone reading by appointment.

Jani is in Denver from July 31 - August 4.  She is scheduling readings.  Call with your order # to schedule your personal appointment.  720-514-9724

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Jani Cooke has a larger than life personality that is encouraging and deeply supportive. In our lifetime we will deal with grief which is a process that is often a solo journey. Or is it? The question should be who isn’t surrounding us at all times in spirit? Jani brings to her work an energy and passion about the metaphysical that is contagious. She is a voracious reader and taught herself how to read handwriting for her clients. Her approach to her work is varied and her devotion is immeasurable.
Her experiences have been varied and impactful in her life. She recalls seeing spirit in her bedroom at night, predicted events to friends in high school that came true, gave hundreds of tarot card readings and the most profound to date with her father and brothers passing.