30 Days of Skinmatics!

30 Days of Skinmatics!


*Enjoy 30 days of uniquely coded Skin Activations

This series initiates after 24 hours of individual registration (available upon purchase), and has been designed by channel of The Immortal Rann. This first 30 days of Skinmatics addresses typical requests for the appearance of energetically beautiful skin.  In addition, there are specific Skinmatics for preparing body and skin for physical behaviors which promote healthy skin, nails and hair.

Each remote Skinmatics activation is timed to support your personal dynamic requirements on current and quantum levels.  You are able to passively receive or actively contribute to each Skinmatics activation.

In addition, the registered recipient will receive daily emails with:

  • An overview of the day's activation
  • Examples of ways to consciously contribute to your Skinmatics activation.
  • Ways to apply advanced focus upon your Skinmatics activation.

* This 30 Days of Skinmatics is currently available in a limited edition package.  CLICK HERE for more information and access.

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Skinmatics is a fun infusion of Rann’s coding along with quantum energy reserves for the purpose of rejuvenating your skin.  Skinmatics generates an increased physical response to energies which are typically presented in bioavailable and non bioavailable supplements, but are already conditioned by other bodies for high receptivity.  
By taking advantage of your body’s innate ability to communicate with other bodies, the coding of Skinmatics opens you to beneficial energies which are “cast off” as rejected or unuseable by others.  The result is a synergy of illumination, elasticity, and tone throughout your skin based on your intentions and specific actions.

Skinmatics activations are available as single mp3 downloads or by a series of remote activations over a period of time.

*Single downloaded activations are based upon specific individual activities for a wide range of results.  
*Remote activations are based upon desirable results and have a broader scope of allowance for individual activities.

Bath House Private Sessions & Energy Bath Add Ons
from 8.00




This listing is for Private Bath House Group Sessions and Energy Bath Add Ons.  Access to Specific Energy Bath Broadcasts will be available when purchased through a particular Energy Bath listing.  This add on allows you to include friends and family at a discounted rate.*

*This offer is valid for multiple access to a single Energy Bath Activation and does not grant access to multiple events.
*Additional participants must be added at the time of original purchase through an add on listing.
*If multiple energy baths are desired, please make separate purchases for baths and their respective add ons.
**This add on is only valid with one Energy Bath purchased in a subscription or with a discounted package. 
**Add ons are not refundable or transferable.


Set aside some time with your loved ones, and clear some collective build up!


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