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The Energy Room is a Monthly Global Group Session Facilitated by The Immortal Rann
on the First Sunday of Each Month.  

This Energy Room is the biggest no-brainer ever! I love and am so grateful that Rann has made these sessions so available.
—  - R.E.

the most accessible energy

  • Experience the most current energies of the moment

  • Access to all tools in Rann's toolbox

  • Collaborate in real-time with change makers around the world

  • Receive the most out of your investment in you

     The Energy Room is a one hour, open table group session. Every month individuals come together, share, and create collaborative change with current energies.  Attendees can join via phone, webcast or session recording.

     Each Energy Room has a general topic.  Rann’s toolbox is readily available, and lines are open for questions and contributions.  Your Energy Room is what you make of it, so bring your questions and requests.

     Every Energy Room is followed by a 30 minute Energy Lounge.  Drop in, and enjoy the vast space which everyone has created together.  At times there is laughter, and other times there is total silence.  Most enjoyably, everyone assists in holding space for each other in comfort and clarity.

    What are you waiting for?  We'll see you at the next Energy Room!



$18 One Time Sign up fee + $36 per month recurring

*Receive 24/7 Streaming access to the current Energy Room
*Contribute to the Direction of Your Energetic Activations.
*Participate in Global Energetic currents.



*Monthly Subscription may be cancelled at any time.
*Refunds for unused or unattended Energy Rooms will not be available.
*Energy Room subscribers have 24/7 access through Oneness Is Everything sign in.
*Live Energy Rooms occur on the 1st Sunday of every month at 10:30 AM Mountain Time (Denver, CO USA)
*For questions, please contact the OIE team at

Webcast access for current upcoming Energy Room is available HERE.

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