Welcome to the Time Spa

Within this page you will have access to three Time Spa sessions. Depending on your needs and intentions, you may choose the session which applies. Please become accustomed to the energies of each session without intermingling sessions. It is very easy to become “spaced out” in the Time Spa. Sometimes it is best to enjoy a session without doing anything in order to condition your mind and body.

What is The Time Spa?

The Time Spa is an energetic operating system. Just like your computer has an operating system and can run various programs at the same time, The Time Spa allows you to enjoy various energetic modalities without certain restrictions based upon time. Shifts can occur very quickly. Energies may be experienced and assimilated within a moment. Old and new information can become relatable and usable. The user can experience past, present and future in singularity, in linearity, or in other forms. Discover more Time Spa information and access to mp3s here.

During typical Time Spa audios and sessions facilitated by Rann Goldrich, Rann is actively facilitating the Time Spa. This means that because Rann is doing the work, you don’t have to worry about opening and closing the operating system appropriately. With these particular sessions, you are in charge of opening and closing your own Time Spa sessions.

How To’s are included at the bottom of this page. You may also download How To’s and FAQs by clicking the following button:


Time spa within current Lifetime’s timeline

This Time Spa allows for the linear movements of:

  • Consciousness along current lifetime.

  • Energies within current timeline.

  • Current body during this lifetime.

  • Events and experiences within your current lifetime.

  • Various segmentations of Self within your current lifetime.


Time spa within all timelines

This Time Spa allows for the free movement of:

  • Consciousness along all available timelines.

  • Energies within timelines.

  • Bodies with timeline connections (or bodies within timelines).

  • Events within certain timelines.

  • Various segmentations of Self by Time.


Fully Open Time Spa

This Time Spa allows for the free movement of:

  • All consciousness

  • Energies

  • Bodies

  • Components of existences (including events)

  • Entirety of Being / Entirety of Self


How to use These Time Spa sessions

To enjoy a live class, energy session, massage, etc. while using the Time Spa:

Begin a Time Spa session during the lecture or content exercise. The Time Spa session will end on its own. You may begin the session again if you wish.

To end a session early:

Move the session forward to the final minute in order to close the Time Spa properly.

To create more time within a particular session:

Use the play/pause function.* It is important to continue the session with the play/pause function and then move the session to the final minute for proper closing of the Time Spa.

To “hop” between sessions:

In order to do this, Begin the appropriate session. When ready to change, move forward to the final minute of the current session in order to properly close the Time Spa. Begin the next appropriate session in order to continue with greater freedom or increased focus. Allow this session to finish, or move forward to the final minute of the session to complete early.

***Do not drive, cook over fire/heat, or operate heavy machinery while utilizing these sessions.

***Always allow the sessions to come to a complete end.

***These sessions are designed for the recipient’s personal use, and are not coded for the recipient to facilitate others. The use of these sessions does not include or permit individual recipient’s personal gain, sharing, or profit during energetic facilitations of others either privately or professionally. Visit here for full details of Rann Goldrich’s and Oneness Is Everything’s copyright and piracy policy.