your 2018 Holiday Mini Immortal Face Lift Gift Set

Just what you need during all of the Holiday hustle and bustle to let your Inner Immortal Shine Brightly!

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The 2018 Holiday Mini Immortal Face Lift

2018 Holiday Mini squ.png

A visage full of Holiday Sparkle, Glow & Shine!

This Mini Immortal Face Lift is designed for seasonal remedies which
invite relaxation, respite, and rejuvenation. It’s the go-to gift to yourself which keeps on giving.

This Holiday Immortal Face Lift is packed with activations for enlightening skin, regenerative energies, and presentation of calm, joyous demeanor. These activations are encoded along with a gentle compression for an ongoing release of illumination throughout your days and events.

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular aching

  • noticeable intensity around facial features

  • changes in visage and demeanor

  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of others

    *  Repeated sessions produce more dynamic results.

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The December 2018 Energy Bath

December Energy Baths.png

 This Energy Bath focuses on:

  • All-over December energies

  • Terrestrial and cosmic investments in energy

  • Being resisted

  • Defending the creation of non-existent boundaries

  • Family Gatherings

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Mini Private Session with Rann Goldrich


What comes up for you during the Holidays? What are you expressing into your New Year? Rann will assist you with setting a plan for your inner immortal. Let’s craft a framework which highlights the goals of your being within harmonics of happiness.

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