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Stepping Into Happiness


Oneness Is Everything is created by Rann Goldrich as a place for stepping into happiness.

  • Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

  • Are you seeking to look younger?

  • Are you struggling with trauma

With a variety of mobile tools and subtle energies, Oneness Is Everything is here for you to step into conscious awareness, personal empowerment and independent success - the Light Worker’s way.

Spiritual Awakening

Many individuals are awakening to new ideas and increased consciousness.  This is exciting, and if you are experiencing an awakening- Congratulations!  Please look around.  We have information and tools for your exploration.

Beauty, Looking Younger, and Energetic Face Lifts

  Oneness Is Everything is the Home of Immortal Face Lifts!  We have a variety of light-based, quantum tools for you to step into your authentic, beautiful self.  Whether you are looking for healthier hair, skin and nails or whether you are looking to heal, tone, and glow- enjoy our relaxing energetic face lifts and infrared light mask sessions at home, in your car, or wherever you are.

Recovering from Trauma and depression: 

Sometimes life is difficult to handle.  During troubling times such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, this site has several self-help options for your immediate support.  Quantum Spin Wave mp3s resolve big issues very quickly.  Brainwave Breathing Meditations for Anxiety Attacks are also available for download.  You can also contact professional light workers with back grounds in crisis help and first-hand experience with successful coping mechanisms.

Whether you are seeking help with light worker energies, meditation techniques and spiritual advice- remember to Embrace All of You- For Oneness Is Everything.

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Due to global participation, most of our events are mobile ready.  



exclusive Happiness for Members

Oneness Is Everything offers subscription access so you can receive more amazing tools!


1 on 1 Sessions

Whether you are local or on the other side of the world, you can access personal 1 on 1 facilitations of happiness.  Individual sessions are sometimes all you need to get back on your feet again.  Clear the air, find your center, and take on the world with new empowerment.

Property Clearing

Are you selling?  Are you buying?  Are you a proprietor?  Is your family experiencing ongoing change?  Clear your property and environment - or better yet- have your environment programmed to assist in your endeavors.

Remote Energy Delivery

If you are looking to make change, but don't feel as if you have reached the summit, a little help can go a long way. Enjoy a gentle energy boost at a specific time every day for as long as you wish.  Skinmatics is the latest form of remote energy activation for enhancing the health and appearance of your skin, face, and body.

The most current energies

Oneness Is Everything loves to include every being and every body.  Enjoy access to monthly, and weekly classes with current topics and consideration to all energies of the moment.  Receive invigorating face lifts and body lifts in your own time.  Change years of discord into total neutrality with the snap of a finger.  With many sessions recorded in quantum space, it doesn't matter if you are listening now or 10 years from now, the energy is always current.  

Private Coaching

Ask for a personalized plan at the best value for your investment in you.  Payment plans are available- simply ask.

Group Sessions

Check out our Calendar and drop in on any of our available group sessions or create a group session for your own family, party, or workshop.  Group Sessions are available over phone, webcast, and video conference - all of which are accessible through your smartphone.

Spiritual Clearing

For those who are experiencing greater degrees of spiritual interference and disruption, we offer experts in spiritual cleansing who not only have insight, but the ability to remove your "unwanted guests" and assist with achieve lasting serenity.

MP3 Digital downloads

Almost all of the classes and sessions offered at Oneness Is Everything come with or have available mp3 downloads.  Did you miss your class?  Don't worry, it's waiting for you.  Access to digital programs and sessions  allows you to truly receive according to your timing and interest.

I have also finally recognized as my earthly body is changing to allow more of my own expression to shine through-an issue I have had all thru my life with all that I came to do— I am feeling good that all these things are bringing me closer to releasing all that has attached itself to me so that finally- I can be me!! And bring in my success!!!
— — My deepest love and thanks to you!! always Michelle xxoo




There are many available classes, sessions and downloads at Oneness Is Everything. There is more variety than shown here, but the most popular services and downloads are listed.



Private 1 on 1 Session

Most private sessions with Rann are set at 60 minutes.  This accounts for 50 minutes of work and a cushion of 10- minutes for assimilation, grounding, and returning to regular activities.   These sessions include Time Spa, Quantum Rapport, Immortal Face Lifts, Coding & Space Programming, Spiritual Development, Dinking, and Meditation Coaching.

Other Private sessions are available with other OIE approved professionals.  These can be found on the CONTACT page.


Energetic Face Lifts MP3s

Oneness Is Everything is the Home of Immortal Energetic Face Lifts!  Immortal Face Lifts are available by mp3 download for your convenience.  Some sessions are silent, some are recorded with directions,  others are previously recorded special events with rare activations.  Immortal Face Lifts shift as you shift, are interchangeable with one another, and may be used in conjunction with other energy work and light work.




Personal Quantum Spin Wave

Quantum Spin Wave Sessions are by far, the most impacting and comprehensive sessions available at Oneness Is Everything.  Release trapped emotions.  Get rid of trauma.  Advance your personal growth. Quantum Spin Wave Sessions typically last 30 minutes, and encompass a single area of focus of your choice.  Each of Quantum Spin Wave includes the collective work of at least ten single 1hour sessions.


Quantum Spin Wave MP3

We are continually creating available Quantum Spin Waves in previously recorded mp3.  Since these sessions are recorded with greater amounts of usage, they are capable of neutralizing energies which a single person may never consider necessary.  This allows more individuals to receive greater benefit at a lower investment.




meditation classes

These- like all sessions and classes at OIE- are accessible through your computer or smart phone so you can meditate wherever you are, whenever it suits you.  Daily access is $10.  Class mp3s are $35 each.


Spiritual Cleansing

The need for these sessions are rare, but if you are in need of a spiritual clearing or cleansing, Oneness Is Everything provides this service.   For these services, a team of at least 3 experts in this field will look into your issue, address pertinent initial concerns, and prepare a report of discovery along with advise for any follow up sessions.  
*This is a base fee. *There are no discounts for these sessions.  


 $20 +

Immortal Infrared Light Masks

Streaming energy sessions for on the go pampering. Increase blood flow, reduce pore sizes, mitigate acne causing bacteria, relax tight muscles, address pain, and more! There are several light rooms to choose from.



Subscriptions, and Memberships

Oneness Is Everything is evolving once again towards the inclusion of online subscriptions, classroom access, and membership accessibility.
  To view all Member Accessible Pages, CLICK HERE

  • Members are able to access as many single purchase subscriptions as they wish at any given time.  

  • Members may only access one recurring subscription at a time.  

  • Member may switch recurring subscriptions at any time.

  • All members have control over their subscriptions.

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