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     Rann's New Quantum Spin Wave Sessions neutralize charges that keep you polarized into locked behaviors, physical restrictions, and repetitious experiences that no longer serve your current and future interests.

These sessions also pack a punch. Although they typically take place is 30 minutes or less, one Quantum Spin Wave Session carries more processing power than numerous 60-minute energy sessions.

Spin Wave technology (watch video) will educate your body to process similar subjects of lesser charge on its own.  New Quantum Spin Wave Sessions focus on prevalent elements that commonly hold the greatest amounts of locked energies and clear them throughout the entirety of your timeline.

There is no specific order in which Quantum Spin Wave sessions should take place.
It is highly recommended that Quantum Spin Wave sessions not be played within a week of each other.


Video: How Do Quantum Spin Waves Work?



  • Focus on prevalent elements that commonly hold great amounts of locked energies throughout your being and body.

  • Clear entangled threads which reoccur throughout the entirety of your timeline.

  • Access brain systems and induce brainwave states for the eradication of associative and dissociative memories.

  • Sets a stage for Immortal Face & Body lifts to operate at elevated levels.


  • Any subject which triggers you or holds large amounts of physical, emotional, or mental charge.

  • Dealing with relationships

  • Recovering from trauma

  • Physical recovery

  • Spiritual Ascension

  • Coping with real-time triggers - just to name a few.

Quantum Spin Waves are available during 1 on 1 private facilitation with Rann Goldrich. Quantum Spin Waves are also available as pre-recorded mp3 sessions. There are several foundational topics which relate to all individuals, as well as other popular topics which are commonly requested. Keep scrolling to review testimonials and listed pre-recorded sessions.


How to receive a Quantum Spin Wave activation:

  •  Pick a topic. 

  • Purchase and download your chosen Quantum Spin Wave.

  • Focus on the most pressing matter or related memory to that Quantum Spin Wave topic.

  • Get into your current thoughts feelings and emotions surrounding that matter or memory.

  • Press the play button and allow everything to go away.

  • After wards check on your perception of the same matter or memory, and make notes of your changes.

  • Quantum Spin Wave Sessions continue to clear over a 72-96 hour period.  Your perceptions may continue to change over that time.

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I have previously received spins with Rann around my father, but this time I was very triggered by severe feelings of abandonment. While I was in that triggered state, I played the Quantum Spin Wave for Abandonment, Neglect & Confinement. Really, all you can hear during the session is Rann snapping. That’s how she works. I was listening for a while, and then there was a certain snap. After that snap, everything was gone. It was GONE! In an instant I am no longer bringing my fear of abandonment into my relationship with my boyfriend. I’m no longer acting it out in my other relationships. Quantum Spins are nice to use when you have a clear idea of what you need to address. But also, when you are in an active triggered state, Rann’s Quantum Spins will make it go away.
— J.D. - Denver
I have also finally recognized as good as my earthly body is changing to allow more of my own expression to shine through-an issue I have had all thru my life with all that I came to do— I am feeling good that all these things are bringing me closer to releasing all that has attached itself to me so that finally I can be me!! And bring in my success!!!
— My deepest love and thanks to you!! always Michelle xxoo -Spin Wave Session
Rann did a Spin Wave session on me to help with my body image issues which included weight problems, sexual trauma, and deep hurt within me. Rann worked on the parts of me that didn’t want to be freed. I can remember feeling a level of bliss that permeated my entire being!!
After the session was done I couldn’t even remember what we were working on!! It was incredible!!! The crazy thing about it is that when you forget the problem that you’s not able to recreate itself again in your life, and that’s what was so incredible about what she did for me!
Rann was able to release these issues from my being....effortlessly! It was incredible!! Rann is amazing at what she does and I can’t help but love her!!
Thank you Rann!!!
— Tanya
Before my Spin Wave Session, I could not speak about a trauma that had occurred over 50 years ago. It was debilitating, and keeping me stuck in many ways.
After my Spin Wave Session, I am experiencing peace for the first time in a long time. You have no idea what it’s like - to not have peace for years and years. I actually have that funny happy feeling in my stomach!
I was skeptical to begin with; not now, however. I like the way Rann did the session. I could feel what she was doing. I had no idea what was going on, but she gave me facts to understand what I was experiencing. Throughout the whole session, the trauma just kept getting further and further away. It just eased out of site. Towards the end I was actually trying to bring it back to mind, and I couldn’t do it.
Now it wouldn’t bother me to talk about it near as much as it would have before. You could say I’m more comfortable with it. I don’t think I have to hide it anymore.
Rann, I don’t know what you did, but what you did was better than what I was told to do by my psychologist in order to keep everything hidden. The biggest part is that I can talk about my past trauma without having a break down.
If someone has a problem anywhere near what I had, they should try the Spin Wave. I have gone through therapy for 18 years, but now I have peace after a one hour Spin Wave Session.
— Malcolm Fishback Denver, CO
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ABUSEs & trauma




Happiness / authentic self / appearances


Signs of Aging / physical changes


giving / receiving / flows of abundance


Gender / relationships / bodies

Athletes / Physical Joints / Meridians