Elbows - Quantum Spin Wave Session mp3

Elbows - Quantum Spin Wave Session mp3


This Quantum Spin Wave Session addresses the physical locations, energetic meridians and chakras which belong to the elbows. Depending on your approach to using this session there are various results which may be obtained.

This session includes 1 basic activation for each elbow which may be received without concentrating on any intention. When focusing your thoughts, emotions, and body, there are at least 12 additional formal ways to utilize this session. Other variables for use depend on individual needs, focus, intention, and levels of charge at the time of receiving this session.

As with all Quantum Spin Wave sessions, it is nearly impossible to receive this session incorrectly. If you feel that you need more support, private facilitation and guidance is available.

Quantum Spin Waves for the Body are specifically designed for athletes and those with physical conditions (anyone with a body). There are unique benefits for those with spiritual and ascensional motivations as well.

For Athletic and Other Physical Pursuits:

  • This session is beneficial for releasing bound stress, trauma, or other forms of discomfort related to the elbows due to physical contact, repetitive motion, and other strains.

  • Use this session while focusing on events/memories surrounding trauma in order to generate greater ease with body, mind and spirit connections.

  • This session may be used for pre and post operative scenarios in order to relieve anxiety (such as before a procedure) and clear/neutralize stress and foggy memory which may inhibit recovery (such as after a procedure).

  • Use this session in conjunction with other conditioning, therapies and movement. (At times seemingly unrelated trauma can be released from the areas of the elbows.)

For Energetic Pursuits:

  • Focus on the areas in question and allow trapped energies to be released.

  • Elbows are related to Organizational/Inspirational (Right) and Power-Over/Marital (Left) levels of consciousness, and naturally house energetic patterns within these topics.

  • The Right elbow has connection to yellow related chakras (Manipura) and the solar plexus.

  • The Left elbow has connection to green related chakras (Anahata) and the heart.

  • Given the design of this Quantum Spin Wave Session, it is possible to receive this activation before understanding the matters which are being addressed with full clarity. Clarity and objectivity will arise after the session has fully integrated. (Depending on the scale of matters being cleared, this may take hours or months.)

  • Processing and integrating these sessions may include new awarenesses of unforeseen and/or previously unknown traumas, behaviors, & patterns.

*This session may be used without a particular intention in place.

*When focusing solely upon a single elbow, always receive the session a second time while focusing solely upon the other elbow within 7 days.

This Quantum Spin Wave Session Creates Clarity And Objectivity By Way Of The Physical Body.

  • Clears greatest impacting energies surrounding all events, persons, things, and environments held within the elbows.

  • Addresses issues related to the physical elbows and their energetic meridians.

  • Neutralizes both positive and negative charges which cause physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations related to the elbows throughout all timelines and physical entanglements.

  • Locates and nullifies keystone events throughout all timelines which contribute to large scale patterns related to energetic rulerships of the elbows.

*Please do not listen to this session while driving or operating heavy machinery

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Quantum Spin Wave:

  • Focuses on prevalent elements that commonly hold great amounts of locked energies throughout your being and body.

  • Clears entangled threads which reoccur throughout the entirety of your timeline.

  • Accesses brain systems and induces brainwave states for the eradication of associative and dissociative memories.

  • Sets a stage for Immortal Face & Body lifts to operate at elevated levels.

What Do These Terms Mean?

“...greatest impacting energies surrounding all events, persons, things, and environments related to all positive and negative charges...”
This refers to the amount of energy you hold on an event, a person (or a person during an event), a certain thing, or an environment.  All of these factors can play roles in maintaining energetic charge, behaviors, likes, dislikes, and recreating certain types of relationships.

“...physical locations and energetic meridians...”
Sometimes there is a very apparent physical manifestation which has surfaced due to an energetic disruption or imbalance. (And sometimes it is the other way around.) This Quantum Spin Wave session is coded to identify the root charge whether it be related to physical conditions or energetic conditions so that the body mind and spirit can attain balanced states with greater ease.

“...positive and negative charges which cause behavioral, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual manifestations...”
Very simply put, if you like something, you are either going to hold onto it or you are going to create more of it.  If you don’t like something, you are going to reject it - sometimes to the degree of attracting it. These show up in many ways, frequently and typically in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ways.

“Locates and nullifies keystone events throughout all timelines which contribute to large scale patterns..”
Quantum Spins don’t just neutralize items from this lifetime.  They are designed to locate entanglement junctures which create and perpetuate patterns and cycles throughout multiple lifetimes, lineage, ancestry and genetic coding.  This removes the confusing drive to act against your better interests, even when you know better. Within the Spin Wave modality, patterns present themselves most readily when focusing on a major joint, chakra, or meridian, allowing this particular session to address grand scale patterns of which the recipient is currently unaware.


Rann did a Spin Wave session on me to help with my body image issues which included weight problems, sexual trauma, and deep hurt within me. Rann worked on the parts of me that didn't want to be freed. I can remember feeling a level of bliss that permeated my entire being!!

After the session was done I couldn't even remember what we were working on!! It was incredible!!! The crazy thing about it is that when you forget the problem that you had… it's not able to recreate itself again in your life, and that's what was so incredible about what she did for me!

Rann was able to release these issues from my being …effortlessly! It was incredible!! Rann is amazing at what she does and I can't help but love her!!



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