Oneness packages

Packages at Oneness Is Everything are designed for all interests. Whether you are seeking more in general, or whether you have a specific form of development in mind, these packages include a variety ways to access content and guidance in order for you to see results. Personal packages are also available by request.

Tier 1: $200-$1000

Cost effective tools for instantly addressing a variety of subjects.

Beauty Kits

Immortal Infrared Light Masks Day Spa

Brainwave Breathing Meditation Set

The Inner Immortal Meditation Set

Inner Radiance Projections Meditation Set

Tier 2: $1100-$5000

These packages are targeted towards specific subjects and personal development with increased personal support.

Eliminating Family Discord

The Money Package

Abundance 1

Eliminating Family Discord

Tier 3: $6000- $15000

Packages for personal development with energetic aids for changing your reality. These packages include wider ranges of customized personal support.

Quantum Body Ascension

Quantum Body System Support