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This Energy Bath focuses on:

  • All-over December energies

  • Terrestrial and cosmic investments in energy

  • Being resisted

  • Defending the creation of non-existent boundaries

  • Family Gatherings

  • This Energetic cleanse is available as an audio stream for 10 days.  In order to access the audio stream, a 10 day subscription needs to be purchased for $15.  The availability of the current Energy Bath audio stream will last until the following Energy Bath is recorded.  (Energy Baths are recorded every two weeks.  Check our Calendar for upcoming Energy Baths).

  • The mp3 of this session is available for download through the appropriate link provided below for $20. 

  • Enjoy 12 Energy Baths at group rates through the Oneness Is Everything Bath House Subscription - currently $6.95 per month.*  
    *Rates are subject to change, but subscription holders keep their current pricing.

Energy Baths

 Oneness Is Everything energy baths are available as live broadcasts and replay/downloads.  Each energy bath activation has a runtime of approximately 15 minutes and continues running for at least an hour afterwards.    Take advantage of these big, little activations for greater:

  • clarity

  • happiness

  • reduction of stress

  • reset of focus

  • integration of change

  • removal of residual energies

  • personal priority.

Each Energy Bath is unique and includes an infusion of a variety of immortal energies and quantum clearings.  


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