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Ask & Actualize Tele Series


This Tele Series runs on Tuesday's at 7:30 pm MST on July 14, 21, & 28.

Ask & Actualize is a Creator's Course for programming your reality.  It uses basic universal laws and natural principles to guide creators through the paths of successful actualization.  

There are many ways to ask in order to receive what you are looking for.  There are also many ways to ask in order to never receive what you are looking for.  Ask & Actualize is designed to hone your currents ways of asking into methods that deliver!

Discover ways to

  • Clearly code for desired outcomes.
  • Ask in ways that create more possibilities
  • Receive your creation in unexpected ways

3 WEEK TELESERIES - Creating with Joy from a Distance

  • 1 hour call each week
  • set up your creation 
  • clear blockages to success
  • learn to create in multiples

You will receive class and call-in information after payment and registration are complete.

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