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Live Session 12.16.17 - Special Mortal Regenesis Face & Body Lift for DNA and RNA

THE MORTAL REGENESIS FACE & BODY LIFT for Menopause & Andropause with additional coding for DNA & RNA ratios and telomeric availabilty.

This is a specially coded Immortal Face Lift that specifically addresses components associated with puberty, menopause, and andropause.

In addition to Original Mortal Re Genesis Immortal Face Lift energies, this session addresses:

  • Availability of repair sequences

  • Adjustment of DNA and RNA ratios for increased longevity

  • Elongation of Telomeres

The Mortal ReGenesis Face & Body Lift is the invitation to change the linear physical evidence of dying into the sequence of regeneration and living.  The conclusion of mortality and death ultimately manifests in disease and decay, which becomes physically evident over time.  This face & body lift calibrates sequencing, and reminds the body of its many capabilities before certain death was imposed upon it.  This face & body lift is for anyone seeking to reinvigorate his/her body from the inside out.

This is an Energetic Face & Body Lift Session that has been specifically coded by Rann for:

  • enlivening skin with light and color

  • regenerating skin and muscular and skeletal structure with elasticity and flexibility

  • promoting efficiencies for hydration and elimination of toxins

  • programmed quantum rapport of bodies for non sequenced immortal functions

  • metabolization of UV radiation

  • recalibration of programmed cellular activities

Access to Call and replay will be available for download upon purchase.  
*Refunds are not available for this item.

*This session is a part of a limited package.  For more information and access, Visit Here.

For a list of all Immortal Face Lifts, Visit Here.

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