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Dinking for Hair, Skin & Nails



This Dinking session will occur in quantum space where Rann will address constructs, matrices and realities surrounding hair, skin, fingernails, and their specific roles in beauty, attraction, self worth, and dignified status.  This session will include current situations as well as quantum bodies, incarnations, and destructive circumstances which manifest through the physical.



Dinking is a modality created by Rann for the collapsing of anchor points.  An anchor point is a grand or minute thought form, intention, control point, or creation point.  We use these points to hold space and maintain our realities.  Whenever you outgrow your reality or wish to create something bigger, existing anchor points can cause these things to fail or never come to fruition.  Dinking removes anchor points instantly, creates vast shifts, can be specifically focused, and can be utilized to ease the processing from other healing sessions.  Some popular areas of focus are money, trauma, patterns, fears, gain and loss, resistance to change, sabotage programs, and more.


   Dinking results in

  • large energy releases

  • break throughs

  • freedom from limitation

  • and believe-it-or-not- giggles and fun!

* These sessions are intense and do not require a lot of time in order for big changes to occur.

**This session is part of a limited time package.  CLICK HERE for more details

Dinking for Hair, Skin & Nails
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