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Immortal Lifestyle Workshops: The Inner Immortal Part 1

The Immortal Child

The Immortal Lifestyle embraces immortal children throughout continuity and singular space.  In doing so, the immortal child becomes more than an aspect of a focused perspective and is allowed a unified existence within the Immortal Being.

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What is the state of your immortal child?

Join this Inner Immortal workshop for the promotion of healing, personal discovery and self awareness.  Nurture your Inner Immortal and change your reality.

Class Facilitations:

  • Dinking for limitations placed upon children/ forced changed placed upon children.
  • Time Spa Quantum Rapport for reconciliations of childhood.
  • Inner Immortal Child Mediation

In addition to class facilitations, each part includes tools for personal study and development:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Intuitive practice
  • Practical applications for real-life encounters

Classes are live and available with video and audio download.  You may attend live, or attend at time that works for you.  

This is Part 1 of a four part workshop.  Each part is 2 hours in length and occurs on a weekly basis.  Access to these live events is through registration tickets accessible here

Video replay and MP3 recordings of these workshops are available after the events through the same registration link above.  Payment will need to be made before video access is granted.  Google Chrome is the suggested browser for these events.


Receive special pricing when purchasing this entire event series!

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