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Inner Radiance Projections

  • Denver, CO USA (map)

Brightening the Luminous Body

Controlling your inner light

Controlling your inner light

Inner Radiance Projections are Meditations for Illuminating the world with your light.  Very often we encounter discord and even in the slightest degrees the inner light is forgotten.  This manifests in loss of personal reference, fortitude, and will power.

Inner Radiance Projections are moments for:

  • Discovering authentic radiance
  • Sharing space with others of similar magnitude
  • Experiencing sources of inner strength
  • Developing Mindfulness

These Meditation sessions are more energetic than regular mindfulness meditations and will press the threshold of personal focus and capacity for holding space.


*For the sake of all attendees, these meditations will be a broadcast only events.

*Attendance is by phone line, web call, webcast, or broadcast- accessible by all locations with smart phone. 

*Energies of Live Attendees will be given priority. 

*Event recordings are available. 

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Times listed on this calendar are Mountain Time; Denver, CO.

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