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Cosmic Dinking - The Astrological 10th House of Capricorn: 30 Days Access


Walking Through the Astrological Houses in 2019

30 Days of Streaming - Dinking for The 10th House of Capricorn is now available!

Cosmic Dinking is a group event for Topics related to the current Astrological House. Rann Goldrich facilitates Dinking for 45 minutes based on the 10th House of Capricorn and topics related.


This January session covers the 10th House of Capricorn.

Ruled by Saturn, the 10th House influences:

  • Social position

  • Reputation

  • Career

  • Workplace

  • Dominant parent

Enjoy 30 Days of 24/7 Streaming Access to this Cosmic Dinking Event for $20.

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Leads to crystalinks article on Capricorn

Leads to crystalinks article on Capricorn

While Walking Through the Astrological Houses in 2019, we will focus on subjects related to the influence of each astrological house. In January we will be addressing Capricorn. The House of Capricorn rules social position, reputation, career, workplace, and dominant parent.

Rann Goldrich facilitates by Dinking for 45 minutes based on questions posed and House rulerships.