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Energetic Spotlight Sale - Pyramid Spa

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Introducing The Pyramid Spa

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     This is a Oneness Is Everything Energetic Operating System for all activations, specifically coded and managed by pyramid technology.  The Pyramid Spa operates without time or space.  This means that while this spa session is open, changes are not dependent or reflected by quantities of time or space.

Why Would I Want To Use The Pyramid Spa?

  • Pyramid Spa specifically operates regarding principles of divine truth and divine harmony.

  • Pyramid Spa operates regarding balance and neutrality, meaning that effects of changes which would otherwise instigate imbalance are equalized for your benefit.

  • Pyramid Spa is an energetic operating system, so it can be used in conjunction with all energy modalities.

  • If there is concern about the validity of other energy sessions in accordance with your best interests, the Pyramid Spa will only allow for changes of greater benefit.

  • Pyramid Spa transmutes processing energies in the moment and delivers these previously charged energies as potential.

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Pyramid Spa

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Monthly Access to the Pyramid Spa

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Members have control and access to their subscriptions.
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Pyramid Activations


How Do I Know Which Pyramid Activation To Choose?

Of course, collecting all Pyramid Activations is the ideal solution. Each activation is unique unto itself, and includes its own range of harmonics.  If you are looking to choose one for now, then it is best to select a prime activation- 1, 3, 5 or 7.  If your intuition is telling you to choose something different, then always follow your intuition.  
Single Pyramid Activations may be played consecutively in the Pyramid Activation Spa in order to compound harmonics.  If this is done, it is advised to play a single Pyramid Activation 3 times during a single spa session.

What Does the Pyramid Activation Number Mean?

Chambers are one of the places that a pyramid will gather energy to generate a series of pulses which are measured by certain frequencies.
Some pyramids have one chamber, and others have multiple chambers. When there are more chambers, there are greater varieties of harmonics available for an activation. Pyramid Activations are labeled according to the number of chambers utilized during each activation.

What Do Pyramid Activations Provide?

  • Pyramid Activations operate at levels which supersede operators and receivers. No single person is in control of these activations. Letting go generates greater results.

  • These activations are the invitation to lose the lower forms of connection and attachment so that new doors may be opened and explored.

  • Pyramid Activations work on the receiver’s behalf.  These are not activations which may be manipulated by lower forms of conscious connections (such as desires for yourself to change by others or your desire for others to change), if/then scenarios, attempts to control or win.

How To Focus For The Purpose Of Pyramid Activations:

If you do not wish to focus on any one thing, you can enjoy this activation completely in the form of relaxation, rest, or meditation.
If you wish to focus on something, it is best to use your self awareness to bring any thought forms, objects of resistance, or forms of projection forward to be transmuted during the session.

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

  • It is possible to hear voices, tones, and other sounds during this activation.  

  • It is possible to see colors, impressions, and other forms of light during this activation.

  • It is possible to experience light headedness during this activation.

  • In order to become more accustomed to these energies, it is suggested to walk, preferably in clockwise routes, before you receive each activation.

  • Although the session window is 20 minutes, energies may still be running after receiving this activation. Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while receiving.

Some Cool Things That Pyramids Do:

  • Pyramids cleanse at planetary scales and beyond.

  • Pyramids use natural grids and systems to access beyond their physical locations.  This allows your to plug into these same grids and systems.

  • Pyramids operate with levels of light, sound and elements at which we can basically comprehend, but require us to let go of what we think.

  • Pyramids connect individuals with energies needed without the prerequisite of knowledge or previous experience.  

  • Pyramids transmute energies, advance neutrality, and promote higher states of consciousness
    *It is best for one to be ready for change and not in the place of demanding certain change.

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