You are able to play this activations in conjunction with other energy work, body sessions, watching television or other events, or sleeping.

It is advised to use these sessions 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks in order to condition your body for long term functioning with these energies. After 6 weeks, you may continue maintenance with 1-2 sessions per week or as your body finds enjoyable.
*Increased usage will not cause harm, but may require greater amounts of rest or down time.
*Please keep in mind that use in conjunction with other energy work may increase physical forms of processing. 

  • Holding your hands in a certain position is not required, but is advisable for increased focus and perception of energies delivered.
  • It is advised that first- time users rest their hands on desired physical positions of face or body during the first week of use.
  • There is no need to apply pressure to the surface of your skin.
  • Hands may be held against the skin or away from the body at various distances.
  • You are encouraged to find the positions which are most comfortable for you and your body.

Sessions are replaced every month with new recordings including the most current energies available and appropriate for your body.

Infrared Blue Light Mask

The Blue Light Face & Body Mask may be used on various positions of the face and/or body.  This activation may be played multiple times a day if there are multiple areas which require greater amounts of focus.  
This activation is beneficial for addressing severe cases of acne and calming other types of skin inflammation.  (For minor blemishes and occasional, small breakouts, the Red Light Facial Mask is a more appropriate solution.)
For specific areas of interest, it is advised to lightly rest your hand or hands on that area.  If the area of interest is on your back side, otherwise unreachable, or uncomfortable to reach, use a specific cloth or pillow to draw awareness to the area in question during your session.  (This object will become temporarily imbued with coding, so it is best to use the same cloth or pillow for assistance during each of your sessions.)

*This session is for personal use only.