About 30 Days of Skinmatics

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What is Skinmatics?
Skinmatics is a fun infusion of Rann’s coding along with quantum energy reserves for the purpose of rejuvenating your skin.  Skinmatics generates an increased physical response to energies which are typically presented in bioavailable and non bioavailable supplements, but are already conditioned by other bodies for high receptivity.  
By taking advantage of your body’s innate ability to communicate with other bodies, the coding of Skinmatics opens you to beneficial energies which are “cast off” as rejected or unuseable by others.  The result is a synergy of illumination, elasticity, and tone throughout your skin based on your intentions and specific actions.

Skinmatics activations are available as single mp3 downloads or by a series of remote activations over a period of time.
*Single mp3 Skinmatics activations are based upon specific individual activities for a wide range of results.  Shop Single Downloads Here
*Remote activations are based upon desirable results and have a broader scope of allowance for individual activities.  Sign Up for 30 Days of Skinmatics HERE

What is 30 Days of Skinmatics?
30 Days of Skinmatics is a series of remote activations.  Over a 30 day cycle, you and your body will be receiving activations for energizing nutrition coded specifically by The Immortal Rann.  You can choose to receive these activations passively, or you can participate in unique ways for your body to receive in an amplified fashion. (See below).  Further information will be provided in daily attachments.  The 30 Days of Skinmatics subscription actually lasts 31 days.  If you would like for your activations to begin after the first day, you are welcome to preset your activation schedule.

Presetting activation times
Skinmatics activations will occur at the same time each day, 6:00 am your time zone, unless otherwise specified.  You can choose to set your own time for activations by keeping your own scheduler or calendar.  It's as simple as writing "Skinmatics at 6:00 am" on your calendar.  In this way you can choose times that work best for you.  
Coding for Skinmatics already includes activations based on your activities, so you don't have to worry about planning your days around Skinmatics activations. For instance, you would like to time a walk with your activation, but you cannot go for a walk until 3:00 pm in the afternoon. The Skinmatics activation will launch at 6:00 am, and the additional conditions which relate to your walk will launch the next time you go for a walk.    

Intentions and actions related to Skinmatics
There is a a difference between the Skinmatics activations based solely on intentions and the Skinmatics activations based on actions.  For instance, if you say you are going to do something, but have no intention of truly doing it, the Skinmatics will not have an action to work with, and will activate according to passive base coding.  If you intend to take an action, but cannot fulfill that action until a later, unintended time, Skinmatics coding will locate the future action and utilize it in the activation.  
There are occasions when one is willing, but incapable of taking an action - like when your friend or co-worker is going to lunch, but you cannot go.  You may say something like, "Enjoy lunch for me!"
You may receive on behalf of another's actions by such a request; but keep in mind that others cannot receive your Skinmatics activation on your behalf.

Concerns about receiving Skinmatics correctly
Skinmatics is fun and easy!  If you don't want to take any actions, you don't have to take any actions.  This sequence of 30 days has been designed by channel of The Immortal Rann to activate your body in your highest interests.  
If you would like to do something different than what is suggested in daily activiies, then go for it!  You know your body best, and your body knows you best.  Always follow your intuition and listen to your body.  
You may choose to open these activations in any order that you wish (keeping in mind that there will be a total of 30 activations over the next 30 days).  For example, if you are going on a cleanse, then use the detoxification days to support your efforts.  If you are changing your diet, then use the nutrient days to support your efforts.  If you are going out for a long weekend with your partner, then electrical arousal days are suggested.  Do you have a big event coming soon?  Use characteristic days such as radiance, shimmer, chromatics, or tonal resonance to prep your skin and appearance.

These activations reset after 31 days.  Enjoy 30 Days of Skinmatics as frequently as you wish. *These activations do not interfere with other energy work.


Basic Actions for Skinmatics Activations
Over a 30 day cycle, you will receive activations of specific Skinmatics coding. There is no action required from you but to receive and allow your body to communicate with other bodies.  Each day includes information about the activation.  With each activation you may enjoy physical sensations and the variety of energies which are aligned with your body.  If you wish your daily activations to occur at a certain time, set that time by scheduling it on a calendar. You may schedule one day at a time or all at once over the next 30 days.

Conscious Actions for Skinmatics Activations
There are certain places you may wish to go, foods to eat, or events in which to participate during the next 30 days. some activities can share affinities with the codings which are activated on a daily basis.  You will receive suggested actions or activities in order to further support your body.  These are not required for your Skinmatics activations to successfully take place, but are a way for you to consciously play with the energies brought forward.

Advanced Skinmatics Activations
You may wish to make requests for your activations, and the activations can receive increased focus by way of your intention. This focus needs to be appropriately paired with the coding of the day.  For instance, if the Skinmatic activation is for mineral nutrition, you may focus on a type of mineral or a mineral location.  This is an advanced feature which allows your intuitive skills to participate, and is not required if you enjoy passive activations of your energies.