December 22, 2018

12 pm ET - 10:00 am MT - 9:00 AM PT


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Rann Goldrich & Brian Martin Collaborate
for a Happy Winter Solstice 

Prepare your Creative Being for 2019 Energies!

This one hour Live session is a relaxing event for discussing:

  • Seasonal Gateways

  • Taking Time for Self

  • Planting Seeds of Creation

  • Timing your Energies for 2019

  • And More!


The Immortal Rann Goldrich is a high functioning intuitive with talents of recall, knowing, and innovation. She has had a number of expansive awakenings, has studied under several master teachers, and has acquired degrees in architecture and environmental design. Rann now applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy along with her innate gift of universal coding. She encodes energy, and energy knows what to do- much like a builder knows what to do with architectural drawings. In this way she creates empowering shifts at all scales with small amounts of time and distress, facilitating happiness for everyone and everything in oneness.


Brian “The Wizard” Martin is a natural intuitive with a lifelong passion for finding out how things work.  Trained as an engineer and then introduced to the world of “energy work,” he has woven two seemingly dissimilar disciplines into a fabric of understanding.  Now in his 3rd decade of formal practice addressing the ways of bodies, thoughts, emotions and beyond, the drive to-know has evolved into being a Wayshower.  On that path his synthesis of technique, intuition and love has assisted individuals and businesses, their property, and agreements held among them across time, realities, existences, and more.


The Replay will be available to stream and download (as an mp3 file) as soon as the live event has ended


Thank you for joining our 2018 Winter Solstice Event.
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