Consciously Awakening Emotional Awareness

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Clearing road blocks to emotional awareness

     As you step onto the road of conscious awakenings that is emotional awareness, you will find that things that were once difficult, are now insignificant.  Your capacity for multitasking your feelings along with the feelings of others will increase.  Throughout all of this, seemingly small things can create obscure triggers and sticking points.  Sometimes these triggers are emotional.  Other times these triggers are mental or spiritual.  When these things become recognizable, it is soon becomes clear that other matters have left behind imprints which have been masked by emotions. 

     This is an amazing place, because even non emotional aspects can lead to emotional awareness.  Emotions are keys to power, and the level at which you can consciously access and utilize your power directly affects your reality and your future creations.  Once you have become accustomed to using tools which assist in mitigating real-time reactive forces, then the roots which feed those old emotional structures will bring the big stuff to the surface.

     These next tools will assist you with

  • Clearing out residue as it surfaces.
  • Masking tender triggers and emotional "sore spots" while you are assimilating the truth of who you be.  (This helps when encountering the emotional projections of others.)
  • Establishing balance and expansion so you can travel the pathways of awakening consciousness with vast emotional equilibrium.


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Receive assistance with freedom from emotional residue in this 1 hour Dinking session.  Let your emotions be in a state of fluidity that allow you to adapt to any situation for your benefit with complete and total ease.

*Includes Activation of The Immortal Face Lift

 Dinking is a modality created by Rann for the collapsing of anchor points.  An anchor point is a grand or minute thought form, intention, control point, or creation point.  We use these points to hold space and maintain our realities.  Whenever you outgrow your reality or wish to create something bigger, existing anchor points can cause these things to fail or never come to fruition.  Dinking removes anchor points instantly, creates vast shifts, can be specifically focused, and can be utilized to ease the processing from other healing sessions.  Some popular areas of focus are money, trauma, patterns, fears, gain and loss, resistance to change, sabotage programs, and more.

    Dinking results in 

  • large energy releases 
  • break throughs
  • freedom from limitation
  • and believe-it-or-not- giggles and fun!

* These sessions are intense and do not require a lot of time in order for big changes to occur.

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The Concealment Face & Body Lift


This Immortal Face & Body Lift prevents you and your body from broadcasting non serving blocks and triggers. It renders recently experienced and projected obstacles null and void, even when you have yet to approach a specific issue.

This Energetic Face & Body Lift has been coded by Rann for:

  • Experiencing freedom from your issues in the now

  • Creating the space of having

  • Creating greater ease when approaching change

  • Experiencing the energy of successes in your current endeavors.

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular pressure

  • noticeable ease of self expression

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in responses to others' behaviors

*  Repeated immortal face lift sessions produce more dynamic results, so enjoy this audio stream frequently.  This session may be played at any volume.


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The mp3 for this activation is included with your package.  
This is a live event which is scheduled to occur on November 10, 2018 at 10:30 am Mountain Time.  
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Once this event has taken place, you will be able to download the audio file.  
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Time Spa for balance and expansion beyond emotional overwhelm

Make the Unobtainable Attainable in a Matter of Minutes.

How much time would you spend with a trainer in order to develop your capacities?  How much have you spent in order to understand more about a certain subject?  What would you give to experience love again?  What if you could lose unnecessary baggage without dragging out the process?

The Time Spa is an operating system for all modalities developed by Rann.  It is designed to work with energy that is not restricted to linear time.  This allows you to experience more and change more while processing in a moment of simultaneity.  Big changes can occur in small moments with this new energetic OS.
Quantum Rapport is a session with Rann where you are brought into close connection and coaching with one of your master bodies in order to experience energy or receive certain information.  This is accomplished by a method of conscious quantum jumping.

With Time Spa - Quantum Rapport Sessions you are able to:

  • Receive Information

  • Develop specific skill sets with ease.

  • Reconcile current energies with past life energies.

  • Experience clarity about what it is that you are creating,  and what it will take for your creations to culminate successfully.

  • Walk away empowered and changed.