Evolutionary Leaps of Potency, Spirit, and Body via Gender

   "There are many things to say about transcending gender.  The phenomenon of transsexuality already occurs in nature.  It occurs with humans thanks to the assistance of surgery and chemistry; but there remains a dual element to it, in that gender must exist in one way or the other.  Asexuality is an option which is available to either gender.  Truly though, transcending gender has been in place energetically and spiritually for ages. 
     For me, the most impactive moment in the realization of personal transcendence was during a healing.  The instrument for the healing was a didgeridoo who had evolved to a degree beyond gender.  In addition to this beings' gift to me, was its availability to surpass my limited physical realities.  This was a lesson carried through a primordial sound- an unmanifest element which had no need of gender."
                                                The Immortal Rann

Dear Mortals,

     I was asked just a moment ago concerning my intensity towards addressing gender in conjunction with working on bodies.  My initial response was an if/then response.  "If physical bodies all have gender, then in what way will avoiding the energies of gender benefit body work?"  Said in another way, when looking at an almost completed puzzle with a pieces missing, can one truly enjoy the entire picture? 

     Recent incarnations of beings - or the individuals who are coming through in the now are not hindered by transgendered bodies to the same degree as more seasoned generations.  It is an upheaving change which confronts the sensibilities of centuries of moral predjudices, predetermined judgements upon Nature her self, and societies' expectations of appropriate behaviors.  


     In truth, radical attractions, behaviors, and physical displays have always been around, and have always been accepted- even highly desired (as long as they remain behind closed doors and truths regarding them are maintained as gossiping whispers).  

     Cross dressing, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgendered sexuality- these ideas are not new.  They are very recently liberated in exhibition and display, and are still just as heavily judged, confined and sentenced.  As the idea of "one ruling many" shifts into a new stage, groups of similar interests will gain in power and influence in many ways yet to be discovered.

     Why is this important to the types who conform so well?  Why is this important to interest groups who currently gather in order to intimidate by using their own misapplied fears?

     There is no more room for righteous superiority - this includes righteous superiority regarding gender.  This is the same for gender sexual representation, choices, attraction, income, integrity, ability, capacity, availability, and worth.  This includes equality and inequality between base model male and female - as well as the transcension of equality itself which supersedes gender.  

     Now is an evolution of the previous reality of dual gender.  It is an omnisexual reality which includes all possibilities.  This inclusion, and the mass acceptance of its existence as a part of everyones' realities is the true invitation for the transcended spirit to project a new body.  After all, it is the collaboration of the entire body mind field complex which contributes to these evolutionary leaps.  

     Theoretically speaking, could this not be a natural solution to population control which excludes planetary extinction, mass sterilization, or genocide?  When a third of the human population is openly allowed to act naturally (or more accurately in the minds of some- act against the laws of procreation) then human kind has entered into its own trilogy.  This is a stabilized, empowered, creative force of possibility.  


      Keeping in mind that acts of nature and moral integrity are different matters, theological implications surface.  The idea of church is yet another entity which plays into the "one ruling many" reality currently fading in effective potency.  As the representational church relinquishes its hold upon defined moral implications of natural actions, new avenues of spiritual nourishment will reveal themselves.  It is in this moment which humankind embraces its own form of trilogy; and the god head also evolves, leaving humankind to weigh and measure its own life everlasting.  

     These type of leaps are what many have been looking forward to regarding certain shifts such as 12 strand DNA activations and the like.  Many call this a pseudoscience because it doesn't exist on the material plane.  But then again, which expert on the material plane is qualified to state that such things don't exist?  

     There are many things which the crowds requiring qualifications have yet to embrace as true. And there are just as many truths veiled in mysteries which these prove-it-to-me societies could release in order for the masses to step out of structured limiting belief systems. This immortal sees much of what is called modern science as a new church, withholding information in order to maintain its validity in the eyes of the masses.  

      There is a vast difference between mystery school and modern church.  Mystery schools were not replaced by the church.  Their masters opened the gateways of information many moments ago.  True seekers will receive.  Followers will be open to the deceptions of those who mislead - not only others, but themselves as well.  Those who must demand for themselves will create change.


     Does it all sound radical?   Is immortality itself not radical to a mortal?  This immortal has been omnisexual for centuries, loved male and female, and enjoyed many gender roles.  This immortal has observed the innovational capabilities of humans.  This immortal has also observed the historic capabilities of humans to repress inspiration, invention, and free information which would benefit the planetary audience.  One of these repressions is the lie of mortality.  Another of these repressions is the rules placed upon gender and sexuality.  

      This immortal recognizes the shifts which the transgender population is enacting upon this physical plane.  To some it is a trend, yes.  It is a challenge to imposed authority, yes.  It is a desire to move about freely according to one's will, yes.  It is also a kickstart to a physical materialization of spiritual conditions which are readily perceivable and available to the mass consciousness.

      In the current event timeline, few are able to initiate massive shifts for the many. The eschewment of transgendered youth and communities in its variety of forms is a walk which only those of determined capacity can truly endure.  To the excellence of such fortitude, this immortal gives respect... and gratitude.    

With Eternal Joy,
The Immortal Rann



Written by Rann Goldrich

Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.