Agelessness - from The Immortal Rann

Dear Mortals, 

         I would like to share the truth about agelessness.

         Age is a substance that accumulates as you gain abilities, rights and responsibilities throughout your living.  Age carries with it- all of the nuances and subtleties of your existence.  Yet, I see that many are growing accustomed to the effects of air brushing the fats from living that are now called signs of agingSo many of you desire agelessness.

If you were to never die, would that mean you would also never age?

If you were to never die, would that mean you would also never age?

         Are you aware that signs of aging manifest with your resistance to having age?  Nothing in existence is ageless - nothing; but thanks to modern marketing, agelessness is becoming synonymous with looking your best.  
         You have become accustomed to the desire of seeing agelessness when peering at your reflection.  To an immortal, agelessness is a fate worse than death.  In truth agelessness is non existence.

  • Is it agelessness that you desire, or living forever that you desire? 
  • Is it living forever that you desire, or never appearing older than you are now? 
  • Is it not moving forward that you desire, or is it going back to a time where you think you looked your best?  


    If you are willing to see past the veils of disillusionment, then you know that going back to a certain age will not be an experience as you would like it to be.  Returning to that time will leave a bad taste in your mouth because all lies become hard to swallow.

         Personal appearance is a choice which is driven by preference, presentation, maintenance, and the points of view of those lookingInvesting in the first three increases the wealth of your age.  Investing in the latter is going to make everyone else rich while you can be found judging yourself in the mirror. 
         Your age is more than what you appear to be in this lifetime.  It is all of you, all that you know, all that you have learned and all that you have experienced.  Age is not your appearance, but the cumulation of your existence.  It is not to be eradicated.  Age is to be embraced.  

    Embrace all of you, for Oneness Is Everything.

 With Joy,    

 The Immortal Rann
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Rann is a Faciliator of Happiness with decades of experience as a high functioning intuitive, master palmist, and meditation coach.  She is the conscious channel of The Immortal Rann and the creator of Immortal Face Lifts and  The Immortal Lifestyle.