The Foolish Flow: Being Open


Have you ever been in The Flow?  

     Of course you have!  Do you remember being in the flow of something?  It could have been at any age or any time.  
     What is “THE FLOW”?  In the great scheme of balance, The Flow is never ceasing.  We are all in it;  it’s just that some of us have a better knack for using it than others.  
    THE FLOW is mentioned in the spiritual/energy realms as if it is some elusive thing.  Honestly, the Flow is easy.  It is easy when times are easy.  It is easy when times are being difficult.  It is easy in all things.  

How does one achieve this easiness?  


Discover More about the History of The Fool by clicking the image above

Discover More about the History of The Fool by clicking the image above

Being Open

 How open are you?  What is being open?  

  • Being open is learning.  
  • Being open supersedes any type of affiliation.  
  • Being open has no prior conclusions.  
  • Being open has no expectations.  
  • Being open has no fear.
  • Being open is being in command.

     Do you only follow certain belief structures;  maintain certain dialogues - what is your comfort zone socially?  How comfortable are you being the only person who doesn’t know anything about where you are?  

     Do you remember the first time you attended a certain function?  What about your first prom?  What about your first dinner party as a guest?  What about your first time in a different church?  

     Each of these occasions was a precursor to stepping into the Flow.  You don’t have to do these specific things in order to step into the Flow, but they are examples that require you to be open - even if you don’t want to be - even when you are trying to protect yourself.

     In each of these examples, you can have someone introduce you to the protocols or hold your hand, but eventually you will need to make your own discoveries.  As much as you may try not to make new discoveries in these instances, your discovery state is operating at an increased capacity. This increases your openness, and invites the Flow.

     You may see some of the Fool here.  Of course, the Fool is open, but sometimes the Fool is not in command of being open.  The command piece of being open is key, because it includes having boundaries and knowing the manner in which to properly enforce them..  

     It is unfortunately frequent, that having boundaries is misconstrued as shutting oneself out of the Flow. This is an example of an inappropriate limitation with attached value. (Remember that the Fool has no attachments.)

   Do you have preconceived ideas about what it means for you to be open?  Keep going!  Learning and Letting go are your next steps.

In which ways can you be more open?

Leave your comments below.


Rann Goldrich applies her knowledge and talents towards the architecture of energy.  She has contributed to the development of energetic modalities, and created several modalities of her own including: conscious creating, liberating bodies from locked charges, collapsing anchor points, quantum jumping, changing appearances, and joyful living.


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