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Immortal Meditation - THE IMMORTAL ADULT

Meditations for the Inner Immortal

Meditations for the Inner Immortal

     Inner Immortal Meditations are guided meditations hosted by The Immortal Rann.  Each Meditation will focus on different nuances of the Inner Immortal.  
     Immortal Meditations are suitable for all who wish to advance their meditation skills and increase personal growth potential. 

This Immortal Meditation will have particular focus on
The Immortal Adult.

*For the sake of all attendees, these meditations will be a broadcast only events

*Attendance is by phone line, web call, webcast, or broadcast- accessible by all locations with smart phone. 

*Energies of Live Attendees will be given priority. 

*Event recordings are available. 



This is a meditation class which is also a part  of The Inner Immortal workshop.  

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