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Receiving the Flow of Universal Abundance

The Immortal Rann appearing on Jazz Up Your Lift with Judy


Are you ready to step into Greater Love, Joy and Abundance?

Please join Rann and an inspiring lineup of 39 other Transformational Leaders, Medical Intuitives and Spiritual Leaders as we share the latest energetic tools and processes for huge transformation in Your Life!  I’m so excited to be included in this series which will be nothing short of amazing!  Starts Tuesday, March 6!  Just click here to get some wonderful gifts and free access and to get started now!

Jazz Up Your Life with Judy has produced 500 shows over the last 5  ½ years.  The authentic and caring host, Judy Anderson, has carefully chosen her speakers so that Your Life can benefit by taking the time to join her and her wonderful guests on her completely Free shows.  Her listeners experience transformation in their lives.  You can too!

During the show, you won’t just get information, but will experience potent processes and activations that will actually have you leaving the show feeling so much better, with less stress anxiety, sadness and other negative emotions.  


You’ll be able to….


  • learn techniques for your ascension that are in alignment with the energies of today, not the old, worn-out techniques that people are finding no longer work in today’s world.
  • alleviate pain
  • clear ancestral patterns which may be holding you back from your dream life
  • activate more strands of your DNA!  This can be a life-changer!
  • learn about cutting-edge health concepts and tools of the future that are available to you today!
  • transform the energy of your home and environment
  • tap into the healing energies of Angels, Ascended Masters and the Animal Kingdom

Truly, this event will be amazing. Go here to learn more, get some wonderful gifts and get access to this free online event: