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Oneness Meditation - September "Let's Unplug"

  • Denver, CO USA (map)
Meditations for Everyone in Oneness

Meditations for Everyone in Oneness

    Welcome to Oneness Meditation!

     This monthly event is available to everyone at Oneness Is Everything.  Join live, or enjoy the replay at your leisure. Each month, Rann Goldrich guides a oneness meditation so that you can shift into your own harmonic frequencies and embrace the greater you.

     Oneness Meditation is simple and easy.  Topics and meditation methods may vary per event, but oneness already exists.  These meditations are reminders of the oneness which exists within us all, collectively and individually.  If the guided meditation is not your flavor, then turn down the volume and enjoy the shared space and energy of the Oneness Is Everything community.  It is common to have individuals in several countries joining together for a single event.  We have no barriers when it comes to being together in oneness.

     Oneness Meditation does not mean that you have to do the exact same thing as everyone else.  Leave ideas of conformity at the door, and step into your individual greatness.  We like you that way. :)  During Oneness Meditation, each individual can be doing his/her own thing. By being in this space of shared intention, we collaborate towards a unified goal in allowance.  

     Do you have a meditation goal?  Do you need to set time aside to accomplish something?  Does meditation always mean sitting quietly and doing nothing?  These are questions for you to consider.  Making the time for yourself is the first step.  

  • This is a free event.  (Links to join are included below.)  

  • Premium tickets include phone access and the event mp3. *

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*Premium tickets must be purchased before the event begins in order to guarantee phone access and mp3 availability.
*Free tickets are for webcast attendance only.
*For the sake of all attendees, these meditations may be broadcast only events

*Attendance is by phone line, web call, webcast, or broadcast- accessible by all locations with smart phone.  

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