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Live Sample of The Concealment Face & Body Lift

Consciously Awakening Emotional Awareness

Emotions are an integral component of the human experience.  During life, times of personal change, and moments of increasing consciousness, emotional experience is often understood as a form of processing.  Although emotional processing is a part of growth in all forms, it is easy to leave out the emotional awareness component.  Rann Goldrich will be speaking about awakening emotional awareness, answering live audience questions, and delivering sample energy activations during this event.
Thursday, September 20th at 1pm PT/4pm ET.

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This image links to the Concealment Face & Body Lift listing.

This image links to the Concealment Face & Body Lift listing.

The Concealment Face & Body Lift prevents you and your body from broadcasting non serving blocks and triggers. It renders recently experienced and projected obstacles null and void, even when you have yet to approach a specific issue.

This Energetic Face & Body Lift has been coded by Rann Goldrich for:

  • Experiencing freedom from your issues in the now

  • Creating the space of having

  • Creating greater ease when approaching change

  • Experiencing the energy of successes in your current endeavors.


During the Consciously Awakening Emotional Awareness live event you will have access to special packages which invite you to:

  • Discover the joy of emotions.

  • Enjoy the freedom and liberation of your own emotional discord.

  • Welcome shifts for your body, mind and spirit which include divine harmony and love.

  • Take ownership of your own ability to deal with emotional overwhelm.

  • Understand ways of initiating emotional well-being for upcoming events and interactions.


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