The Concealment Face & Body Lift mp3 - Energy for Dealing with Blocks and Triggers

The Concealment Face & Body Lift mp3 - Energy for Dealing with Blocks and Triggers


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This Immortal Face & Body Lift prevents you and your body from broadcasting non serving blocks and triggers. It renders recently experienced and projected obstacles null and void, even when you have yet to approach a specific issue.

This Energetic Face & Body Lift has been coded by Rann for:

  • Experiencing freedom from your issues in the now

  • Creating the space of having

  • Creating greater ease when approaching change

  • Experiencing the energy of successes in your current endeavors.

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular pressure

  • noticeable ease of self expression

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in responses to others' behaviors

*  Repeated sessions produce more dynamic results

*  Access to download will be available for download upon purchase.  

*  *  This recording is of a one hour session which occurred on 4.16.17.  All Immortal Face Lifts are activated in quantum space, are not affected by the date of activation, and may be played repeatedly at regular or low volume.  It may also be used in conjunction with other Immortal Face Lift Coded Activators for amplified energy.  

For a list of all Energetic Facelifts and Activations CLICK HERE

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Connection & Comparison; Inner Radiance Projection Meditation - mp3

This Meditation is the original introduction to inner radiance, and utilizes connection and comparison in order to locate your source of inner radiance.

  • Excellent for establishing an empowered personal connection with yourself.

  • Establishing communication with your body.

  • Personal magnitude, stability, alignment, and fortitude.

Inner Radiance Projections are Meditations for Illuminating the world with your light. Very often we encounter discord and even in the slightest degrees the inner light is forgotten. This manifests in loss of personal reference, fortitude, and will power.

Inner Radiance Projections are moments for:

  • Discovering authentic radiance

  • Sharing space with others of similar magnitude

  • Experiencing sources of inner strength

These Meditation sessions are more energetic than regular mindfulness meditations and will press the threshold of personal focus and capacity for holding space.

*This listing is for a recording approx. 45 minutes.

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