Immortal Face Lift Cocktail: Transcendence & Allowance - mp3

Immortal Face Lift Cocktail: Transcendence & Allowance - mp3


This Immortal Face Lift Cocktail is a combination of

The Transcendence Face & Body Lift and The Allowance Generator & Amplifier

This session includes 2 complete activations for the collaboration of coding for an entirely unique Immortal Face Lift. In addition, there are quantum upgrades coded within the entire session itself. With particular advantages for working with abuse, and the shifts which follow - this session may be used for surpassing obstacles, stepping out of stereotypical behaviors, and reducing anxieties which occur during change.

The Transcendence Face & Body Lift Activation is the invitation to step into the space which exceeds mortal limits. This immortal face lift is designed to envelope your body and being with energies which supersede all blockages and limitations that tie you down.  In doing so, conditions are set for individuals and their bodies to receive and operate at maximum capacities.  This face & body lift is for anyone seeking to surpass obstacles and limitations.

This is an Energetic Face & Body Lift Activation that has been specifically coded by Rann for:

  • illuminating skin with light and color

  • eliminating facial charges which contribute to wincing and overcompensated expression.

  • inviting repose and tranquility to presence and demeanor

  • promoting efficiencies for neutralizing anxiety and its physical effects.

  • programmed quantum rapport of bodies for non sequenced immortal functions

  • metabolization of UV radiation

During this session, Rann will activate this energetic facelift while instructing you in the most effective ways to direct the energies that are activated.  

Post session experiences may include:

  • relaxation

  • tempered increase of available energy

  • glowing

  • skin sensitivity / tingling in activation points

  • muscular aching and tiredness

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of self and others

  • greater acceptance of personal appearance

The Allowance Generator & Amplifier is the invitation to be as you are without projected judgement. It sets up the scenarios for you to encounter individuals who will see you as you are and not as you think you appear, nor how they think you should appear. This generator and amplifier is for anyone seeking freedom from fitting into expectations, stereotypes and molds.

The Allowance Generator & Amplifier that has been specifically coded by Rann for:

•    promoting neutrality in the face of others’ anxieties
•    attracting generosity of spirit
•    attracting individuals willing to contribute to your personal goals
•    increasing receptivity to your physical appearance and personal tastes
•    decreasing sensitivity to others in competition with themselves and others

Post session experiences may include:

•    varied emotional processing
•    favorable circumstances to be present with your own body
•    favorable circumstances to choose according to your own choices while allowing others to choose their own
•    expansion of your comfort zone
• increased receptivity

**It is not recommended to listen to this audio while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Energetic Facelifts and Activations are not meant to treat medical or dermatological conditions.  If medical conditions - including inflamed or reactive skin - are present, please consult a physician before proceeding with an energetic facelift.

*Oneness Is Everything makes no guarantees or promises in regards to the effectiveness or outcomes of energetic facelifts.