The Youthening Face & Body Lift mp3 - Energy Session for Toning

The Youthening Face & Body Lift mp3 - Energy Session for Toning



  This Energetic Face & Body Lift Activation is the invitation to embrace all of the energy available to you, no matter which stage of life you enjoy in this moment.  It is common in this reality to surrender energetic magnitude to youth as one becomes older, which manifests as a decrease in vitality on several mental, physical and energetic levels. This face & body lift activation removes  blockages of energy due to mortal entrainment, and is for anyone seeking to reclaim his/her immortal energetic flows.

 This is an Energetic Face & Body Lift Activation that has been specifically coded by Rann for: 

  • enlivening skin with appearance of child-like youth

  • toning skin and muscular and skeletal structure with elasticity and flexibility

  • promoting efficiencies for hydration and elimination of toxins

  • promoting the inclusion of fun, boundless energy, being seen AND heard; receiving, processing, and balanced integration and application

  • allowance for physical and energetic shifts which promote rejuvenation

During this recorded session, Rann activates and runs this energetic facelift while instructing you in the most effective ways to direct the energies that are activated.  

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular aching

  • skin sensitivity

  • more energy

  • restlessness

  • noticeable changes in physical features of body and/or face

  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor

  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of self and others

*  Repeated sessions produce more dynamic results.
*  This activation is the equivalent of one (1) session.  It may be played repeatedly at regular or low volume.  It may also be used in conjunction with other Immortal Face Lift Coded Activators for amplified energy.

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The Immortal Rann began coding Immortal Face Lifts after she recorded the 14 channeled sessions - Confessions of a True Immortal.  The Immortal Rann is a conscious channel that introduces the Immortal Lifestyle through the comparison of mortality and immortality- mortality being the lifestyle of dying; and immortality being the lifestyle of living.  Utilizing the tools of Living, the Immortal Rann brings her listeners’ various mortal energies to the surface and clears them through her own encoded modality.  Each track doubles as class and individual energy session, set up to clear limitations and fears; and bring within reach- the keys to immortality.  (Follow this link for more on Confessions of a True Immortal.)
    After Confessions of a True Immortal, Rann began coding Immortal Face Lifts.  These energetic face and body lifts are not about changing bad looks into good looks as much as they are about transforming appearances.   Each Immortal Face Lift has specified coding for infusing joy into your embodimentopening energetic gateways to restore access to all of you, re-sequencing physical evidence of mortality into regeneration and living, or promoting personal and professional success.
    Immortal Face Lifts may be activated once or multiple times.  These energy sessions are designed and coded to operate in the highest interests of you and your body at the time of their activation.  Each Immortal Face Lift has it’s own energetic signature,  and every session is unique and appropriate for supporting your own personal and physical evolution.
    Immortal Face Lifts may be activated as individual and group sessions.  They are designed to activate within a field that
        1:  brings in the appropriate universal energy for each session and
        2:  protects each person from interference while allowing bodies to communicate with each other.   
    During group sessions your body is allowed to access other bodies’ information systems in order to utilize coding in a way that works for you.  It allows bodies to do what bodies do, without bringing in energy that has been tagged with unnecessary intent or identity.  This creates greater dynamics to group sessions.
    Due to the coding of Immortal Face Lifts, locked physical charges are neutralized throughout your body and face.  This results in changes in your appearance and non verbal feedback which is recognizable by yourself and others.  Your face and body will be more expressive, and your energy will experience clarity, ease, and flow.  Others may not be able to describe the difference, but they will perceive your changes.

*  Energetic Facelifts and Activations are not meant to treat medical or dermatological conditions.  If medical conditions - including inflamed or reactive skin - are present, please consult a physician before proceeding with an energetic facelift.

*Oneness Is Everything makes no guarantees or promises in regards to the effectiveness or outcomes of energetic facelifts.