The Nurturing Generator & Amplifier, Silent Session - mp3

The Nurturing Generator & Amplifier, Silent Session - mp3


Open Up to Ease in Vulnerability

  This Field Generator and Amplifier is the invitation for ease in vulnerability. It  is designed for those who are experiencing greater-than-usual sensitivity, and is perfect for those who never give themselves time for themselves.  This generator and amplifier is for anyone seeking support for personal change and receiving.

 This is a Generator & Amplifier that has been specifically coded by Rann for: 

  • promoting innate understanding from others

  • attracting supportive individuals into your life

  • attracting individuals willing to contribute to your space

  • increasing receptivity and allowance for your needs

Rann will activate and run this energetic facelift in person or over the phone while instructing you in the most effective ways to direct the energies that are activated.  

Post session experiences may include:

  • varied emotional processing

  • supportive communication

  • opportunities to receive from others

  • expansion of your comfort zone

  • increased sensitivity

*  Repeated sessions produce more dynamic results

What is a Silent Session?

This is a session that is run quietly, and remains silent no matter what your volume setting. When including silent sessions in playlists, it is best to play them last, so the next track does not startle you or harm your ears.

This mp3 download is made available upon purchase.

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Energetic Facelifts and Activations are not meant to treat medical or dermatological conditions.  If medical conditions - including inflamed or reactive skin - are present, please consult a physician before proceeding with an energetic facelift.

*Oneness Is Everything makes no guarantees or promises in regards to the effectiveness or outcomes of energetic facelifts.