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7100 East Belleview Avenue Suite 109
Greenwood Village, CO, 80111
United States


Oneness Is Everything facilitates happiness through energy, readings, mediation and coaching. With a variety of available tools, Rann facilitates empowerment and independent success. Embrace all of you, for Oneness is Everything.

Immortal Face Lift Downloads

For ease, All Currently Available Immortal Face Lift mp3 downloads and Private Facilitations are shown on this page.  
MP3 Downloads are Listed at the top
Private Facilitations are Listed at the bottom.

The E-4 Face Lift - mp3

e4 Immortal Face Lift - Oneness Is Everything WEB.jpeg
e4 Immortal Face Lift - Oneness Is Everything WEB.jpeg

The E-4 Face Lift - mp3


Open Up to Expansive Joy and Wellness   

This energetic facelift activation is the invitation to expansive joy and wellness, and is the next evolution of The Immortal Face Lift.  This high frequency face lift generates antidotal energies that neutralize causes of dis-ease, and then uses released polar charges to eliminate the creation and recreation of non joy in all that surrounds you.  It is for anyone looking to embody immortality.

     This is an energetic face lift activation that has been specifically coded by Rann for: 

  • expanding joy into your reality
  • increasing ease and serenity into your personal encounters
  • eliminating recreation of non joy from others
  • neutralizing facial charges which cause rigidity 
  • neutralizing facial charges which cause wrinkles

Rann activates this energetic facelift while instructing the most effective ways to direct the energies that are activated.  

Post session experiences may include:

  • facial muscular aching
  • noticeable changes in facial features 
  • noticeable changes in facial demeanor
  • noticeable changes in behavioral responses of others
  • changes in relationships

*  Repeated sessions produce more dynamic results

*  Access to download will be available for download upon purchase.  

*  This recording is of a one hour session which occurred on 7.23.16.  All Immortal Face Lifts are activated in quantum space, and are not affected by the date of activation.  

It may be played repeatedly at regular or low volume.  It may also be used in conjunction with other Immortal Face Lift Coded Activators for amplified energy.  

For a list of all Energetic Facelifts and Activations CLICK HERE

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Would you Like an Energy Bath?

Energy Bath.4 - mp3
15.00 20.00

Pure Energetic Pampering

Take some time to make some time with a Oneness Is Everything Energy Bath!

What is an Energy Bath?
How many showers or baths have you taken in your lifetime?  What if you took a bath every day without ever cleaning the bath tub?  Would you really consider yourself clean?  Would you be able to enjoy yourself in the bath and feel truly refreshed afterwards?  

Your energy bodies are no different than your bath tub - especially if you consciously work in order to create change for the better in your reality.  How many rings have been left behind in your energetic bath tub?  How much grime is hanging around from all of the times you played in the mud?   ...Are you ready for an energy bath yet?

These energy baths are available as live broadcasts and replay/downloads.  Each energy bath activation has a runtime of approximately 15 minutes and continues running for at least an hour afterwards.   Take advantage of these big, little activations for greater:

  • clarity
  • happiness
  • reduction of stress
  • reset of focus
  • integration of change
  • removal of residual energies
  • personal priority.

Each Energy Bath is unique and includes an infusion of a variety of immortal energies and quantum clearings.  

If you miss the live broadcast, no worries! :)  Oneness Is Everything Energy Baths are activated in quantum space.  Your energy bath is warm, ready, and waiting for you.

This event was on 1.24.18   Check out the Event Calendar Here


  • Cleared the last 2 weeks in general
  • Cleared energies changed or approached in personal work over the month of January. (any January)
  • Cleared energies pertaining to creations from January manifested throughout the year.
  • Cleared energies from personal work which affected loved ones and pets. (Thank you Maverick)
  • Cleared energies from interactions with others - this includes energies gifted upon others and those received by others. no matter their degree or intent.



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bath house
Bath House Private Sessions & Energy Bath Add Ons
from 8.00




This listing is for Private Bath House Group Sessions and Energy Bath Add Ons.  Access to Specific Energy Bath Broadcasts will be available when purchased through a particular Energy Bath listing.  This add on allows you to include friends and family at a discounted rate.*

*This offer is valid for multiple access to a single Energy Bath Activation and does not grant access to multiple events.
*Additional participants must be added at the time of original purchase through an add on listing.
*If multiple energy baths are desired, please make separate purchases for baths and their respective add ons.
**This add on is only valid with one Energy Bath purchased in a subscription or with a discounted package. 
**Add ons are not refundable or transferable.


Set aside some time with your loved ones, and clear some collective build up!


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