Be with Me Coaching Session

Be with Me Coaching Session


During these sessions I will be me and I will receive you as you be.  No masks. No facades.  If you're happy, you're allowed to be happy.  If you're sad, you're allowed to be sad.  If you would like to change something, we can change it.  If you need a little help stepping into some vulnerability, I will facilitate that.

This coaching session is for you if you would like to 

  • experience being received with intimacy, vulnerability, and supportive space without judgement.
  • explore new environments and experiences while having fun
  • address anxieties about visiting public places
  • step into having more and greater positive in your life


Be with Me sessions are usually held at a public location over coffee, tea, or a light meal, but may be held over the phone or in private session. 

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I am a natural Facilitator of Happiness.  Although I utilize several modalities in practice, I don't have to do anything specific in order to facilitate happiness for someone seeking it.  Let me show you the way I Be and bring happiness.   - Rann