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How to stop an anxiety attack part 1


Dealing with Anxiety is intense to say the least. Being able to cope with the energies which trigger anxiety and anxiety attacks is one of the keys to happiness and functioning throughout daily activities. Whether you experience anxiety, know someone who deals with anxiety, or have no idea what anxiety is about- brainwave breathing can:

  • Stop an anxiety attack from occurring

  • Reduce the severity of anxiety attacks

  • Bring an individual out of an anxiety attack through their own effort

This Brainwave Breathing Meditation Class (How To Stop An Anxiety Attack Part 1) Includes:

  • Review of brainwave states and their associated behaviors.

  • Mudra connections with breathing and brainwaves.

  • Overview of Use of 1st Beta and 2nd Beta.

  • Applications for using mudras and breath.

  • First signs of anxiety and anxiety attack.

  • Initial walk through of getting yourself or getting someone else through .any stage of anxiety attack with practice.


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Your brain cycles through a variety of states throughout each day and night. These brainwave cycles regulate your sleep, your daily activities, and record your experiences. There are several methods by which one can induce the body into one of these states. One of the most practical is through breathing.

These breath meditations are designed for engaged practice in order to purge blockages in the natural cycle of brainwave states.

In addition, these sessions aid in dealing with regular encounters which trigger unwanted or unnecessary behaviors.

  • Excellent for Beginner to Advanced practice

  • Proven techniques for stopping anxiety attacks

  • Reduce stress

  • Deal with real time stressors in a matter of minutes

  • Increase ease of processing Quantum Spin Wave sessions

Brainwave Breathing Meditations include:

  • mudra

  • introduction to breathing depth and count

  • optional cycles of breathing

  • induction of at least one brainwave state

*This is a recorded meditation with approx. runtime of 45 minutes.